Data Management - Manage basic data tables in Edge


This article includes instructions on adding and editing basic data tables in the Edge user interface. These tables contain information such as valid accounts coding data and task recipients for external systems, typically integrated through anyERP.

You must have at least one of the following user rights to perform this task:

To manage data tables: 

  1. From the Edge user interface, click  > Data management to access all data management options. 
  2. In the General section, click Table maintenance 
  3. Add a table: 
    1. Click Add table
    2. Select the appropriate edit type view for your table. The table name is automatically created based on the edit type view. This selection also determines which columns are available for the table data.
    3. Select the correct configuration type. The configuration types available depend on which data types you have the user rights to manage.
    4. (Optional) Add a description of the table for internal use. 
    5. Click Save. 
  4. Edit table information:
    1. Under the Actions column, click > View details.
    2. To add a new row of data, click Add row
    3. Use the search criteria at the top to filter the existing data rows and find the information that you need. 
    4. Click in any field to edit the data in it.
    5. Click to delete any row of data from the table. 
    6. Click Save to save your changes.

Table maintenance page:

Editing data within a table: