Supplier Guide - Add or Edit Items on a Price List in Product Manager

There are two ways you can add or edit Delivery or Standard items on your Price List. You can do this via Product Manager, or by importing the items in a CSV file.

Add Items via Product Manager



To add a Delivery item or Standard item that already exists in the Item Directory click the ‘Manage’ icon to the right of either section. A list of items on the price list will be shown. To find the items not yet on your price list, click the ‘Items not on Price List’ filter (see below).





1. Click the ‘+’ button to add the items to the Price List.

2. You can refine the list using the filters on the left-hand side, or the search field at the top of the page.

3. Click the item name for more details on the item.


Edit Items via the User Interface
When you click through to the list of Delivery or Standard Items from the Manage Price List page the directory will display the items already on the Price List.

  1. To find the item you wish to edit, search or filter the list.
  2. Click the pencil button to edit your item. In the edit page, you can make the item available or unavailable as well as make basic edits to the item including linking a delivery charge, price breaks, order unit, increments, and base unit.
  3. Remove the item from the Price list by clicking the ‘Trash can’ button.


Add or Edit Items via CSV Import
The second method of managing items on a Price List is to import a list of them in a CSV file. If wish to edit existing items you can export the items from an existing Price List, modify the items and then upload the CSV onto the Price List, or to a new Price List. This is particularly useful when having to update or load a large number of items.


  1. Click the export button to download the Delivery items or Standard items. This will include all items in your Delivery or Item Directory if the Price List is empty.
          a. If it has existing items linked to it the export will only contain those Price List items.
  2. The screenshot below shows the basic item pricing information contained in the CSV file. Modify the file until you have all the Delivery or Standard items listed in the CSV. Save it for importing back into the system against your Price List


  1. Click the ‘Import’ icon on the Manage Price List page and the Import Price List page will load     (below).


NOTE: You must add the Delivery items to your Price List before adding standard items. This is because the Standard Items may have delivery charges linked to them and your Standard Items upload will fail if the Delivery Items do not exist on the Price List.


  1. From the drop-down menu select the relevant import action. a. Replace existing items on this price list: This will overwrite existing item information on the Price List. Use this for a new Price List or when updating existing item prices. b. Merge with existing items on this price list: This will combine the new item information from the CSV file with the existing Price List items.
  2. Click the ‘Select File’ button and browse to where your CSV file has been saved.
  3. Open the file then click the ‘Upload’ button. A progress bar will indicate the file is loading. Once completed successfully, a success message will appear, as shown below:



If items fail to upload, you will be shown error messages for each item advising what is wrong.

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