P2P - Receive Goods


When you have received the goods or services that you have ordered, you must mark the goods or services received in P2P. Goods receipts help facilitate 3-way matching, an important component of invoice automation that speeds up business processes and ensures accuracy when your AP team is handling the invoice.


  1. Click Tasks Goods receipt tasks.
  2. View the details of the goods receipt by clicking the arrow on the left side of the task.
  3. This will expand or collapse the detailed view of the task.
  4. If you have only received part of your order, enter the portion of the order you have received. With the correct user rights, this can be done as a quantity or as an amount in your system's currency.
  5. When you have checked that the details are correct, click the Receive button to continue the goods receipt.
  6. Click Receive again to complete the goods receive.
    The task will disappear from your task list.