Basware Purchase-to-Pay Browser Support


This article contains information about what are the technical requirements for Basware Edge and Workplace interfaces.



Edge is the new Basware Purchase-to-Pay user interface. It is based on HTML5 technology and does not require any plugins or application downloads to function. It gives users a modern cross-device experience and will be gradually replacing the current Workplace user interface. Edge works with the latest versions of commonly used browsers.


Workplace is the current Basware Purchase-to-Pay user interface widely used by our customers. The Workplace user interface is based on Microsoft Silverlight technology and this fact restricts the browsers that Workplace can be used with. The Microsoft's official list of Silverlight-capable browsers can be found from here.

NOTE: At the moment Internet Explorer is the preferred browser to be used with Workplace.

Workplace can also be used with Safari version 10 or 11. The users must take the Silverlight plug-in into use in the browser. For more information, click here.

To get more information on the technical requirements, go to Basware technical requirements page