IP - User is getting e-mail notifications about invoices, but cannot see the invoices in Thinclient.

What is the issue:

A user is receiving e-mail notifications stating they have a number of invoices to process in ThinClient, but when they access ThinClient there are no invoices available to process, or the number in the e-mail is not the same as the number of invoices available in Thinclient.


A user with Master rights, preferably to all companies, can search the invoices in flow for a specific user. This is done from Invoices in flow - Recipient. Select the desired user and press search and all invoices the user has in his Thinclient should appear. The problem might be that the user has an invoice to a company they do not have rights for, and therefore cannot see it. The master user should be able to see the invoice, as long as they have the rights to see invoices for all the companies.

The user's rights can be verified from IP Admin - User administration - Users. Search for the required user and go to User rights tab and press the View user rights button, and the companies the user has access to will appear.

The invoice can be redirected to the correct user from Master, if necessary.

The above image shows how to search for invoices in flow sent to a specific user. This example will return all invoices that have been sent to Allen David (Administrator.)

  • If the master user cannot find any invoices on the user, please contact Basware Service Desk. Please provide the user name of the user that is experiencing the problem.