Basware PDF e-Invoice for Sending


Basware PDF e-Invoice is the easiest way to send e-invoices. PDF e-Invoice requires no integration or IT resources. Whether your emails are being generated by your billing system or being sent from a desktop, PDF e-Invoice converts them into e-invoices which are sent directly to your customers.


Where can I find a user manual about Basware PDF e-Invoice for Sending?

Please click on this link.

For your customers sending of e-invoices makes the process of handling supplier invoices easier, faster and more productive.

In order for the service to work, the invoices that you send in should have the same layout as the test invoices used in the setup phase. Because the invoices are read electronically, the content of each invoice should be in machine-readable text format - the invoices cannot be hand-written, scanned or contain the information in image format. Invoice must also meet the country compliance requirements.