Finnish VAT change 2024/2025

The Finnish government has decided to increase the VAT rates in two phases.

1) The general VAT rate changes from 24% to 25.5% effective 1.9.2024
2) The lower VAT rate changes from 10% to 14% effective 1.1.2025

Changes affect each customer who has a Finnish VAT ID.

Below you can find information how we approach the required changes and what action will be required on your end to ensure proper invoice processing.

What does Basware do to address this change?

Basware has created a set of materials for you to understand the implications of the change to your solutions and guide you to manage the changes. In addition, you may request Basware Delivery Consulting to assist you with these changes.

To ensure the availability of Basware assistance, we highly recommend to sign up for the support before 5th of August.

What does this mean for the use of your Basware solution?

You will need to take action to ensure your company's compliance according to the new VAT rates.

In which cases do you need to take action and how?

All the companies who have a Finnish VAT ID are required to comply to the new rates. Basware creates product specific guidance on how to manage the change in Basware products. Find the product specific guides below.

Additional information for the different products: