Supplier Guide - Notification Emails / Relationships In Supplier Portal


Suppliers have the ability route their orders via the Supplier Portal to various email addresses so they can receive order alerts and purchase orders as attachments to an email. This quick guide shows you how to configure your account to receive orders by email and order notifications by email.


First you will need to log into your account and click on the Supplier Portal link as shown below:



Once you are in the Supplier Portal you will need to click into Admin > Company admin. From this screen you will then click on relationships as show below:


When you receive an order from a new customer it will create the relationship here. The Relationship default setting is the default setting for all customers (i.e Buying organisations that you have or will have a trading relationship with). When you enter an email address for orders to go to under the default settings, all orders you receive will go to that email address (unless you specify otherwise when configuring single buying organisations, shown below the default section). As such you may want to enter a generic email address for orders from new customers to be picked up swiftly. Please note, changing the email on relationship defaults will not affect the emails for the relationships that already exist (shown under the relationship defaults link)


Relationship Defaults

A) Change the Document notification to ‘Order’ . B ) Enter the email address in the text box next to ‘E-mail with PDF Order To.’ (You are able to add More than one email address but please note, this means the same order will be sent to all addresses entered). C) Click on the green plus icon to add the email address. D) The email address should appear in the box below. E) Click on the Save icon.



Please note, if you need to delete the email address after this step, click on the relevant email address and click on the red cross icon next to it. Your orders will now arrive automatically to the inbox (s) you have specified.

If you would like all orders from a single Buying Organisation to go to one (or many email addresses) select the relevant Buying Organisation from the left-hand side (Please note any Buying Organisation you do not add an email address to will have the default email address against it. This will include any new customers who send you an order for the first time).

  1. Select the appropriate Buying Organisation from the list in the left-hand column.

Then you will need to use the guidance above (under the Relationship Defaults section).