New Service Level Reporting Capabilities Overview - Partner Specific


Below are addition details and instructions on how to best leverage our new service level reporting capabilities.


Current Service Status and Upcoming Service Maintenance Activities

Within these two new portals you will see all notifications regarding your services. However, there is a common service offerings called "Service Offering Name - Partner Name (Partner Tenants)" which has a relationship to all of the tenants you manage for your customers.

One limitations is that because the tenant name is not integration into the service messages, you will not know the exact tenant(s) which are impacted, as a result we composed the following alternative to best leverage this capability:

Additionally, in terms of upcoming service maintenanace activities we will start providing an SaaS Service Classification Impacted, such as "SaaS 2 & 3 EU-hosted Tenants" to provide an a general indication of which of your tenants may be impacted.  

We will continue to explore improvements to enhance the user experience in this area. 


Service Status Overview

On this page partners will only see the service offerings that are directly linked within their primary partner account, while all service offerings registered to the partners customer's account can only be viewed by a contact within the partner customer's user account. 

However, as mentioned in the above section, a common service offering that follows the template "Service Offering Name - Partner Name (Partner Tenants)" acts to inherit all of the partner's - customer's tenants and will summarize all activities holistically. 


Service Availability Reporting

On this page partners will be able to see availability statistics related to their direct service offerings. Additionally, all their end customer's tenants will be visible as well through the common service offering "Service Offering Name - Partner Name (Partner Tenants)"

Similarly, partners can additionally login using a contact found in their customer's account to see a limited view for service offerings tied to that specific account.