TEM - How to control WebClient application documents creation options visibility for all the claims


As usual in TEM WebClient application. All users can create three types of documents.

1.Travel Plan.

2. Travel Claim.

3. Expense Claim.

Now, we can control these options for all users from TEM WinClient application.

Means we can control all users’ types of document creation option visibilites for all three documents.

Below is the procedure to do this.


We have a functionality/configuration from TEM Admin WinClient application.

Basic Data->Documents->Forms.   travel expense

1st Scenario:



In above mentioned screenshot. Here, you can see that there is no check (In Use) for "Travel Plan".

So, according to this setting. Every user at customer end won’t be able to see "Travel plan" option into their TEM WebClient application.

2nd Scenario:



As per mentioned in the above screenshot.

All users can see "Travel Claim" option. You can control this by checking on “In Use” option and “Web” option and then click on "Save".

3rd Scenario:




Now, if above mentioned scenario is configured at the customer end then, every user at their end is able to use "Expense Claim" option.