UK Public Sector Migration to Amazon Web Services Information Page

UK Public Sector Migration to Amazon Web Services Information Page


This year Basware have made the decision to move to Amazon Web Services for their UK Public Sector customers as our preferred cloud provider. This move will provide many improvements including in security and performance.

Both customers and suppliers will not see any change to the service itself and all functional capabilities are staying the same.


Migration dates

Please note that these are the dates we will be migrating the data, any URL changes can be made at any time up until these dates.

Pre-Production environment:  Pre-Production will be unavailable as we begin the migration on Friday, September 9thfrom midnight until Monday 12th September at 8AM and we will use 3 full days for the migration.


Production environment:  Production will be unavailable as we begin the migration on Thursday October 6th from midnight until Monday 10th October 8AM and we will use 3 full days for the migration.




Do I need to do anything?

For Basware Marketplace customers using punch-out, the URL’s you use to connect need to be changed and this can be done at any time as well as whitelisting our new IP’s. A proxy has been set up so you can make this change before the official migration date so any testing can be done.


Do my suppliers need to do anything?

Suppliers that provide a Punchout catalogue or use Back Office Integration will potentially need to whitelist our new IP’s and make a URL change for those that send eInvoices to us direct. All these suppliers have been contacted by Basware and are aware of what is required.


Will the log in URL change?

Yes, For Basware Marketplace users who access via a browser the URL changes from: to

You can start using this new log in URL right away (and remember to update your browser favorite's list if you have it saved there!).

Do I need to wait for the official Migration date to change my URL’s?

No, the migration date is purely in regard to the migration of data that Basware will be performing and the downtime required, not the URL’s. The URL’s can be changed at any time and the cut off for making these URL changes will be the migration date


Does this mean the marketplace is moving to Amazon?

No, Amazon Web Services (AWS) are a cloud hosting provider, similar to Microsoft Azure. The UK Marketplace will continue to be dedicated to the UK Public Sector and is design and implement following NCSC guidance, particularly the NCSC Cloud Security Principles.


Where can I find the new URL’s and IP’s?

If you have a Service Now log in, you can view this information below:

If you do not have a Service Now log in, please either raise a case or contact your Basware CSM for further information.


What will happen if I send orders/ invoices while the system is being migrated?

If you try to send a order or invoice during this time, the sending system will receive an error message to indicate that Basware isn't available so these will need to be resent once the migration is complete.


I'm not receiving any notification email's, what do I do?

As the email notifications are now coming from a new domain, please check your spam/ junk folder and whitelist our new domain if necessary:




Where can I find further information?

Customers will be contacted directly via their CSM with further information as it comes available such as migration dates.

If you require further information and you haven’t been directly contacted, please raise a Service Now case or alternatively reach out to your public sector CSM