BT - Production certificate update for AS2 and OFTP (on


The certificate for AS2 and OFTP protocols used in BT (* Basware Business Transactions production will be updated on the 22th of March 2021. Starting at 08:00 UTC and ending at 08:15 UTC.

Please inform your IT department about this AS2 and OFTP certificate update.


Certificate renewal in most cases doesn't require any actions on your end. However, please review the information and see whether any actions are required from your end or not. It's recomended that - if needed - to renew the certificate at your side shortly after 08:15 UTC (22 March 2021). The new certificate can be downloaded from:

If there are any further inquiries please contact Basware Support by filing a case in reference to this Planned Service Maintenance.

General FAQ:

1) Are P2P services impacted?

No, only the customers who are sending/receiving invoices on their AS2 or OFTP need to install this certificate.

2) How and where to install this certificate?

This certificate is to be installed on the AS2 server or the OFTP server. The customer should contact their local IT for assistance as Basware will not be able to assist with the customer receiver servers/system.

4) Does this certificate need to be installed for Test BT?

No, the certificate for the test environment will not expire in 2021 (expires in 2022).