CloudScan - Duplicate Check Overview


CloudScan offers simple duplicate check functionality, which can be enabled on the CloudScan settings dialog. This duplicate check will show the user a warning message if a similar invoice has been processed earlier.


Duplicate check is using a combination of fields:

Saving duplicate invoice information:

CloudScan saves checksum of field combinations after the user validates the invoice. Information is saved automatically for all customers.

Saving checksum works only if all fields in a combination is present on the invoice.

Warning users about duplicate invoices:

CloudScan settings dialog has a setting to "Enable Duplicate Check".

When the duplicate check is enabled, the CloudScan client makes a duplicate check request to the CloudScan server, when the user validates the invoice.

Client first calculates the checksum of the current invoice and if the same checksum is found from the server, the client will give a warning:

Duplicate check works between sessions and also if the same invoice is processed from different workstations.

Duplicate check works for 180 days after the invoice is validated.


Note: This works in both personal and shared modes, provided that the shared systems has duplicate check enabled and are set to the same mode.