Pre-requisites to raising a request for SSO

Dear Customer,

In order to provision SSO for your Basware P2P system there are some activities that have to be provided / confirmed at your end.

First of all here is a description of how our SSO solution operates and what it supports:

In order for us to configure SSO for your system you will first need to:

  1. You need to have an SSO system available that supports the above
  2. You need to configure an Identity Provider / Claims provider in your system.
    1. Using the meta data found at this URL:
    2. With a single claim being passed to us as follows
    3. Ensure that the Name ID is set to transient
  3. NOTE: For the solution to work efficiently, Basware strongly recommends you to configure your cookies in a way that they expire when User closes Session/Browser.

This information should make sense to your IT department.

Once this has completed, please provide us the following:

  1. Your systems Federation Meta Data (URL is preferred, for automatic updates of metadata information)
    1. This should be in the form of a URL link, or a xml file
    2. This should contain the Certificate / Key information within it, and the Certificate / Key should not be sent as a separate item
    3. Please inform us if you are using 2 different IdP for Test and Production in your SSO solution, or just a IDP.