Can I use the same sending email address on multiple organizations for PDF eInvoice?


This article will answer the following questions:


The invoices that are processed via the PDF eInvoice service, are routed based on the sender email address. In practice this means that the service will recognize the sending company based off the sending email address. If two companies (business units) would be sending invoices using the same email address, Basware would not be able distinguish from which organization the invoice was sent.

Each sending email address is uniquely configured for one organization and no other company can use same email for sending documents. Each email address must also be confirmed through a unique link that Basware will generate and send to that email address upon registering for the service. If your system email address cannot receive emails for confirmation or you have not received the confirmation email, please contact Basware Support.

In case the emails containing your invoices are sent directly from your Billing system or ERP, the system email address must be specific to your company only.
No shared ERP addresses can be used.