Edge - Create Marketplace Requisitions


How to create Marketplace requisitions in Edge.


  1. Click Purchasing Marketplace.
  2. Search for items to purchase and add the desired items to your shopping basket.
  3. When you have added all the items that you want to the shopping basket, click Basket.
  4. Click Checkout. The shopping basket contents will be added to your requisition.

    • TIPS:
      • To edit Marketplace items, click Edit and you will be redirected to Marketplace to continue.
      • To remove all Marketplace items at the same time, click Remove next to the Marketplace section.
      • To remove all the items in your requisition, click  (More actions) > Clear requisition.
  5. When you have reviewed that the items are correct and you are ready to complete the requisition, click Get approval.
  6. In the dialog, that opens, fill in the mandatory data (approver, purpose, desired delivery date, delivery address).
  7. Click Get approval.

The purchase requisition is sent to workflow to the selected approver.