Buyer Guide - Simple Search Guide for Marketplace


How to do a simple search in Marketplace.



The search functionality will look at data contained in the following item fields:

NOTE: Your search terms are combined using an OR, for example if you are searching for pink saddle then the search results will show any items with either pink OR saddle in the fields listed above. You can change this on the search results page by selecting ‘Match all keywords’ in the filter list. This will combine the search terms using an AND, i.e. the search results will show any items with both pink AND saddle in the above fields.

Search Results Page:

A thumbnail image (if provided by the Supplier) along with the key summary information will be displayed.

You can see the number of results returned from your search.

If for example the minimum order quantity is 5, you will be unable to order less than this.

The item count will increase beside the basket icon in the top right of the page.

You are able to sort the results by a number of options to help browse the list and you are able to change the number items displayed on a page.

By default the search results will only display items available to buy.

NOTE: The items will become unavailable if the Agreement or Price List has expired or if the

Supplier temporarily flags the item unavailable. Items that are unavailable cannot be added, the shopping basket and will be displayed as shown below:

This will only return items that contain all the words entered in the original search.

The filters displayed are ‘item attribute’ filters and will display according to the results of the earch and the item details available.