Travel & Expense Management 21.10 New Features


1 Introduction

This document contains descriptions of new features in Basware Travel & Expense 21.10 and its maintenance releases.

2 New Feature Descriptions

2.1 Extra

2.1.1 New traveller user interface

Module(s): Extra
Feature ID: TEM-2123
Release: TEM 21.10
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

Audience: Travelers

The new user interface for travelers, called Extra, is now introduced.
In April 2022, the Extra user interface will be introduced also to approvers and travel secretaries/assistants.

Home page: A brand new home page is available to the users. The new home page contains a summary of all the user’s draft expenses, unused receipts, mileage items, and credit card purchases. 

There are also links to view, search, and create new expenses. 

Documents page: On the Documents page, the user can view a list of all their documents. The page shows the expenses that are in Draft, In workflow, and Reimbursed status.  


To view document details, the user clicks the expense line. In details view, the user can view header data, travel days, expenses, receipts and attachments, and coding information for the expense. 

The user can add comments and/or send the expense to workflow. 

Expense view: An expense cannot be edited after it has been sent to workflow. The user can view the expense details and workflow information on the page. 


Using the navigation buttons on top, the user can open another expense without going to the document list view. 

Expense page: Information about the receipts, credit card purchases, and mileages is available on the Expense page. 


The user can add a receipt by clicking New receipt. They can add additional information on the page, for example, description, date, currency, amount, sum, or expense type. 


Credit card purchases are listed on this page. The user can delete a purchase, or create a document based on a purchase. 


Mileages can be managed from this page. The user can import mileages form an external source using the Import mileages button. 


Creating a document: A new document can be created on any page.

Home page: A link for creating a new document exists in the Documents and Reports sections.

Documents page: The user can click New document to create a new document.

Expense page: The user can create a new document in any of the following pages.

Receipts: The receipt will be attached to the newly created expense.

Card purchase:


Adding a receipt 

New receipts can be added as attachments from different sources:



The user goes to the Expense page form the Home page. On the Expense page the receipts are displayed by default. The user clicks New receipt. A receipt can be photographed or an already saved image can be taken from the device memory or camera roll. The photo or selected receipt image can be turned around. Expense data is optional information. It can be added to the receipt image and saved for later use.

The user must click Save to save the information on the page. A message will alert the user about unsaved changes, if any.

A quick option to create a document with the receipt is available in Receipts > View 

NOTE: If the credit card provider sends receipt images with the credit card transactions, the user does not have to take photos of the receipts in TEM.

2.2 Extra, Mobile client, Web client

2.2.1 Disabling option to delete employee responsible card purchases

Module(s): Extra, Mobile client, Web client
Feature ID: TEM-2201
Release: TEM 21.10
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

Audience: Administrators

Administrators can now prevent users from deleting their card transactions by disabling the card transaction deletion function.

Self-service instruction

Audience: Administrators

A new Setting PURCHASES.DELETE_DISABLED (true/false) Default : False.

The delete button on the screen is not available for end users when the card transaction deletion is prevented.

2.2.2 Improved reset password email

Module(s): Extra, Mobile client, Web client
Feature ID: TEM-2370
Release: TEM 21.10
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

Audience: End Users

A note has ben added to the password reset email informing the user that the password link is valid only for 24 hours. 

If the user clicks on an expired link, an error is shown telling the user the actual cause of error.