P2P - Find Invoices


These guidelines tell you how to find invoices in P2P. An example of finding all the invoices handled by you.


You can find invoices handled by you in Documents > Invoices. Depending on your user rights, you can search for other users’ invoices as well. In that case, you can see the All invoices option available under Search for.

For searching, you have plenty of criteria to select from. Add more criteria by clicking Add criteria. You can add up to four criteria in addition to the organization and date selection.

You have more options in the drop-down menu of each criterion.



To search for all invoices that you have ever handled:

  1. Click Documents > Invoices.
  2. Select Your invoices if this option is available.
    If you cannot see the Your invoices option, the search finds your invoices by default.
  3. In Organization, select all the organizations that are available.
  4. In Creation Date, select a desired date range, for example for the last ten years.
  5. Leave the other criteria empty.
  6. Click Search.

Tip: In search results, you can see which invoices have discussions by the bubble icon .