Add additional information views to punchouts

Some supplier punchouts require users to provide ship-to-location information before showing the catalog information to them. This allows suppliers to display catalogs relevant to the location and makes sure that items can be delivered to the specified location.

Additional values related to the location code or ship-to ID can be configured and passed to the punchouts from the punchout agreements. The section Additional Information is found below the Shopping alert field in the Punchout agreement, Agent punchout agreement, and Integrated Search agreement.

The following fields are shown on the Additional Information page:

An admin user can upload and download the same information via CSV files using the Export and Import buttons.

To add views, click the cogwheel icon in the Additional Information section to open the Additional Information page.

The values defined on the page are shown to the user in a dialog box when they click a punchout in Shopping. The shopping alert can be used to define the message to be shown in the dialog box along with the values defined on the Additional Information page.

About additional information views:

The users will get their views passed from sub-organizations when punching into Marketplace from Basware Purchase.

Information about the punchout set up:

For punchout agreement or integrated search agreement punchout items:

For agent punchout agreement punchout items:

Similarly, substitution variables $INT_ADD_INFO_2 and $INT_ADD_INFO_3 can be used to map Value2 & Value3.

Note: The dialog box will not appear if guided purchasing shortcuts are created using Item ID (Marketplace ID) of the punchout but will work when used with keywords.