Critical factors to use best of e-invoices and e-orders

Critical factors to use best of e-invoices and e-orders
Line levels
Basware's e-procurement starts with users selecting items that they would need in a single shopping basket. Just like consumers would purchase something from the online store.
There are different approval rules for different items which are purchased, some might require two-level approvals in case the item is expensive.
-> As soon as the item is approved, the order is sent out via Basware Network.
--> Either directly as an e-order or via Basware Portal as PDF-file
---> This creates a Purchase Order Number (PO)
----> PO-number should be included in the invoice
-----> PO-number can be for the whole invoice, or per line item
------> The more accurate the invoice is, the faster and more automatic the processing for the invoice approval at the buyer side the invoice can be.
Basware helps suppliers and buyers to make this happen for everyone's benefit.
Approval for request
A user creates orders on the items and services needed for different work processes.
Basware helps to simplify the approval process by creating line-level approval workflows, not just the whole order.
For example
The line manager approves office supplies of the employee
A tablet device is not a typical work device, and the approval is to be done by the IT department.
Typically, this type of order goes first to the line manager, then proceeds to another approval if required. In this case, it would go to the IT department. Delay is most likely the cause, and the employee might get very creative to make the work done eg. buying the items on a credit card and acclaiming it after the fact.
Currently, things are moving fast, and users frequently buy online. This comes now to the corporate world, and products and services are needed even faster than before. The Start-up world is fast, and big corporations need to act fast. Basware helps to move bureaucracy away but keeps the budgets in order by allowing orders to proceed by the line items. This will initiate the delivery phase faster. This also helps the whole ecosystem transfer goods and services and payments instantly.
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