Basware Message - The item "javaw.exe", that this shortcut refers to, has been deleted


If you have updated your Java version, it is possible that older versions of Basware Message are not finding it anymore and the following error message can be displayed when the software is opened: "The item "javaw.exe", that this shortcut refers to, has been deleted"

This bug has been fixed with the latest version of the software.



This can be found relatively easily via the system control panel:

Here you will find the installed "Basware Message". On the far right you will find the entry "Version";


If you know these details you can proceed in removing the program from your computer by uninstalling it from Control Panel > Programs and Features (this will remove the application without deleting the configuration);

You can then download the latest software from our Knowledge base;

After this step you can start the installation;

Basware Message:

Basware Message LE:

You have now installed the latest version and should no longer have problems with Java;

The old configuration has now been applied again automatically;