Data management - Manage dynamic budgets in Edge


This article has instructions on how to create, delete, and edit dynamic budgets in the Edge user interface. To manage dynamic budgets, you must have at least one of the following user rights: 


  1. From the Edge user interface, click Data Mangement to access all data management options. 
  2. Under the General section, click Budgets.
  3. To create a budget, click Create. 
    1. Add the basic data for the new budget. 
    2. Click Save. 
    3. Click the Budget rules tab > Add rule. 
    4. Add coding values. When the defined values are used for a purchase requisition, this budget is automatically used for it. 
  4. To activate the budget rule, click the Budget rules tab > Activate. 
    • The budget rule is now active. However, you must activate the budget before it can be applied to purchase requisitions.
  5. To activate the budget, click Activate in the title bar. 
    • The budget is now active. The budget is now automatically applied to all new purchase requisitions that match the active budget rules.
  6. To deactivate a budget rule, click the Budget rules tab > Deactivate. 
  7. To deactivate a budget, click Deactivate in the title bar.
  8. After deactivating a budget, you can archive it. To do so, click the down arrow next to ActivateArchive.

Budgets management page with newly created budget:

Budgets list view with new budget

Budget rules with new rule added:

Budget rules with Activate

After a rule is activated, the user can activate the budget to start using the rule:

Activate the budget

After the budget's useful life, the user can deactivate and then archive the budget so that it is no longer in use:

Archive the budget