To which customers I can send e-invoices using PDF eInvoice?


To which customers am I able to send invoices as a PDF eInvoice sender using this free service?


The PDF eInvoice service allows you to send e-invoices to any Basware customer who has invited you to use the service.
Your customers have to share their PDF eInvoice email address ( with you.

It is not possible to send documents to companies that are:

Before you can send PDF e-invoices, the first requirement is to request your customer's receiving email address.

There are two options for getting this:

1. If you are already connected to your customer:

2. If you are:

You must ask your customer to provide you with the registration link, so you can create an account into the Basware Portal and activate the service. During the registration process you will also be provided with customer’s supplier kit that contains details on the invoice mandatory requirements and the receiving email address(es).