Read-only attachment RAW_INVOICE.xml.gz visible in invoice attachments

What is the issue?

After P2P 23.12 release all imported invoices in P2P are showing a read-only attachment file RAW_INVOICE.XML.gz that was previously not visible to the users. This file is created by the system when the invoice is imported and it contains the original invoice data in XML format compressed in a gzip archive file for storage. As the .gz file cannot be opened directly by a browser, it needs to be downloaded first and then the XML file can be extracted for reading.



Check this:

Check that you are using the version 23.12 or newer.



This system-generated, read-only attachment can mostly be ignored. To read the contents of the file, extract the RAW_INVOICE.XML.gz archive with an appropriate application and then open the extracted XML file.

While this change was intentional, we understand the concern it has caused and we have decided to revert the change and hide the *.gz files from the UI. The change has been implemented and tested, and is included in the version 24.1 update. You can find the exact deployment date from the ServiceNow Portal under Service status > Extended Release Schedule.

If you have any further inquiries or need assistance, please contact Basware Support by opening a case through this link. Reference - BWPB0046945.