PM - How to install/update PM license file


You have received a new PM license and this needs to be installed in your environment.


The new license file is installed as follows. The license file has the extension .lic

  1. The file needs to be placed in the PM folder in the Basware root-folder of your application server.
  2. Copy the PM license file (*.lic) provided. In case old license file is present, please keep a backup and remove that file.
  3. Once the PM License is placed in Bwroot\PM folder, run PM Admin application once so that the license file is picked/refreshed by the application.
  4. After providing credentials, PM_Admin application will prompt following message [conveying that license file is going to update]:

  5. Click OK. Another message widow will pop up saying Licenses have been updated.
  6. Click OK
    NOTE: This step will not open PM application, but only update license.
  7. Once done, users can login to their respective PM applications now.