Buyer Guide - How to create a View in Product Manager


How to create a "View" in Product Manager.


Login to commerce hub with your Basware account at the following address:

Once logged in select the Product Manager tab at the top of the screen:


To begin creating a view either:

1. From the Product Manager menu click Views > Create, or

2. Click the Create View link on the dashboard

In the Create View form enter the name for the View.  Add a description of the view and once complete click the save button:

The next screen is where you add content and users to the view. You can also use Lists to create easy-to-access shopping lists for some or all of your users.

View summary

1. As this is a new view, the status will be ‘Empty’.

2. Until the view is published the view can be deleted.

3. The description can be edited. Simply click into the description field to edit it.

4. To add content to the view, click the Agreements button.

5. To add users to the view, click the Users button.

6. Once you have added agreements and users to your view, click the Lists button to add lists.