I have a problem with the communication of my electronic messages


Bizconnect performs mainly two tasks:

Additional Information:

In your BaswareONE account, you can always consult an overview of the electronic messages you have sent and received. If, however, you feel that the connector is not functioning correctly, it is recommended to carry out the following checks:

Should you, after completing the above checklist, still have no certainty about the correct functioning, please contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" button displayed on the page and provide the following files:

 For BizConnect Client:

- c:\BizConnect\logging\cc.log
- c:\BizConnect\logging\ed.log
- c:\BizConnect\logging\std_err.log (Except if unknown)
- c:\BizConnect\logging\std_out.log (Except if unknown)
- c:\BizConnect\Scripts*.*
- If it's regarding the scheduler, attach also: C:\BizConnect\events.xml
- It's better if you put all the files into 1 ZIP-file

For BizConnect Server:

- Content of ...\BizconnectServer\dsprod\xsl (config.xml + all files of subfolders)
- Content of ...\BizconnectServer\dsprod\trace
- if possible (and known at your side), also mention the version number of the installed Bizconnect Server
- It's better if you put all the files into 1 ZIP-file

Extra info:

* There is a dataset for staging (dstest) and one for production (dsprod)

* In general, the datasets are named as above, but other folder-names are possible

For custom HTTPS/SOAP (like SAP) connectors

- Trace log file containing succesfull/unsuccesfull upload/download to https://www.baswareone.com

- Contact your local IT department for help when locating these log files.