Backup user and its rights


This article provides information about backup users.

Who is a backup user?

A backup user is a user who will execute actions on behalf of another user. The backup user is typically pointed to a user when the original user is on vacation. When the task’s original recipient gets a task to execute, that task will be redirected to the backup user.

How to check the user rights of the Backup person?

There is a setting for backup person's user rights in P2P Admin.

The below setting can be checked from the Settings tab in P2P Admin mode.

Original task recipient's user rights:

Backup person's user rights used:

NOTE: 1. Backup user has a period of validity that is a timeline when all tasks are redirected to her/him.

2. When a task is transferred from the original user to the backup user, the task will continue to be accessible by both users (original and backup). While the task is indeed transferred to the backup user, the original recipient will still retain visibility and the ability to carry out actions on the task simultaneously.


How to set a backup person from Personal Mode: