Buyer Guide - Creating an Agreement in Product Manager

Creating an Agreement


Login to commerce hub with your Basware account at the following address:

Once logged in select the Product Manager icon along to top of the page and then select Agreements. In the screen below you will then see the option to Create (as shown in the red box):


Once you have clicked on create you will see the page below:


You will need to enter the Agreement name, the type of Agreement and the Currency. The rest of the fields are optional. The Type of Agreement depends on how you are going to use the Agreement, if you wish to be able to share the Agreement to other organisations you will need to choose “Shared Agreement”. We recommend you choose this if you are unsure on whether you will be sharing it. This is because it then allows for it to be shared in the future if you wish, if you select Organisation Agreement, you will not be allowed to share it and will require you to create a new one.


Once you click Save, you have then created your Agreement. If you wish to then send this to your supplier you will need to click on the cog as shown below:

On the next screen you will then need to search for your supplier and click on the Add button next to their name. This will then submit the Agreement to the supplier and allow them to attach their Price List to it.