P2P - Analytics - Custom reports data not refreshing


Analytics reports created prior to the P2P 19.8 release will not work correctly after the P2P 22.4 release as they are using old data sources that have been deprecated in this release and the data is no longer getting updated for these data sources.


To improve the performance of analytics, particularly custom (web-edit) data sources, we previously improved the architecture for how the extracts for the custom data sources were created during Alusta 19.8 release. Previously, we generated separate extracts for each language. The change now generates the extracts for data sources only once for all languages.

We kept both the old data sources and the new ones running at the same time. However, running extracts for the data sources in multiple languages has caused significant performance issues due to increased load on the database and additional manual work due to failed automated processes. With the 21.2 release, we stopped refreshes of extracts in all languages except eng-GB and eng-US. These two remaining languages will now be deprecated to fix the aforementioned issues in the 22.4 release


This change only affects analytics custom reports in eng-GB & eng-US languages. Unfortunately, it is not possible to identify from the UI whether your data sources are legacy or the new server data sources. You will however be able to identify if this change impacts you because only custom reports created before Alusta 19.8 release (around September 2019) will no longer have data refreshed since the data source will not be available. Also, any new reports created in workbooks containing reference to these old data sources post-Alusta 19.8 release, will also be affected. This will require you to recreate the reports. Any reports created from scratch after this date should continue to work as normal.