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Manual for invoice key-in and PO flip on Basware portal:

User guide invoice key-in and PO flip.

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Overview of the New portal

Creating an invoice in the new portal

  1. Select a sender.
    By default, the service selects your favorite organization as a sender. If you want to change the sender, do the following:

    1. Under Sender, click Change.
    2. Find the company that you want to select as the sender, and click Select.
      Click the icon next to the name of a company to set that company as your favorite. Your favorite companies are always displayed at the top of the list.
  2. Select a recipient:
    1. Click Select Recipient.
    2. Find the company that you want to select as the recipient, and click Select.
      Use the search field to filter out companies from the list.
      If the recipient that you selected has a tax registration number in multiple countries, a list of available tax registration countries opens. Select the tax registration country that you want to use with this invoice.
      Click the icon next to the name of a company to set that company as your favorite. Your favorite companies are always displayed at the top of the list.
  3. Enter the invoice details.
    The service validates the contents of the fields and notifies you if the content of a field does not pass validation. For descriptions of the fields, see Invoices.
  4. Enter the line data.
    1. On the Line Data tab, click Add Line to add a new invoice line.
    2. Enter the details of the line item.
      You can only select line types that the recipient supports. For descriptions of the fields and more information about line types, see Field names and descriptions
      The decimal separators used on the line items differ based on the user interface language that you have selected. If you use an incorrect decimal separator, Basware Network may save the number that you enter incorrectly. To find out which decimal separators each language supports, see Table 3

      Different buyers may require a different number of fields on their invoices. The fields you see on the invoice may be different than in the figure above.

      Similarly, some buyers may enforce various validation rules on certain invoices fields. They may, for example, limit you from setting the invoice date too many days in the past, or place limitations on how many characters you may enter in certain fields.

    3. Click Add Line to add another line item, if necessary.
  5. Add invoice attachments.
    1. Click Files to open the Files tab.
    2. Click the highlighted text to browse for attachments, or drag and drop files directly on the highlighted text to attach them to the document.
    If the sender organization's profile has no bank account, you can add a bank account in the Sender's Details section. Bank accounts that are added to directly to an invoice are not saved to the organization's profile.
  6. Click Send Invoice to send the invoice to your customer.
         Basware Network does not store the invoice data indefinitely. Remember to download a copy of the document image through the Files tab and store it locally.

FAQ section:

Invoice Editing

Q. Is it possible to make changes to the invoice once it has been sent to the recipient? For example, add a PO number.  What needs to be done when wrong invoice details are entered and the invoice is already sent?

A. It’s not possible to make changes in the invoice once the invoice has been sent to the recipient. Please contact the buyer to cancel the existing invoice and can create a new invoice with corrected details. Another way would be to create a credit note for the invoice. What works best depends on your agreement with the buyer. The PO number field is visible and should be mandatory if the buyer wants to receive this information.

Invoice Searching

Q. How do I search for an invoice that I have sent to Portal?

A. Basic search function is available in the "Documents section". Check out the manual (please find it attached) for more details

Data Storage:

Q. How long are invoices or other documents stored in the Portal? Is there an archiving solution?

A. Documents are available for 3 months. Currently, there is no archiving functionality.

Portal functionality

Q. How can you merge two or more organizations?

A. As an end-user you can't do this yourself. Please contact Basware Support for help.

Q. Is there any duplicate check that prevents invoices with the same invoice number from being sent ?

A. It depends on the specific configuration set up for a particular buyer. By default, it is not enabled. If it's enabled you will receive an automatic notification by email when reusing an already used invoice number

Q. What is the purpose of the dashboard and campaign?

A. Campaign manager is used for inviting new vendors to use Portal apps, the Dashboard is for viewing ongoing campaigns.

Q. What does the “Delivery Problem” error mean in the Portal?

A. This is a generic error. Status indicates that there is a problem with the delivery. Please contact support for more details

Q. I don't have a VAT or TIN number, what should I do?

A. All mandatory fields should be filled in. Choose “unknown” from the drop-down menu and use some other unique identifier.

Payment of invoices

Q. The buyer has not paid my invoice yet, what can I do?

A. For all Payment related questions, please contact your buyer. Basware provides an open network to exchange business documents between suppliers and buyers but is not involved in the payment process of the buyer.


Q. How do I print invoices?

A. There is no print functionality in Basware portal. You can use the print functionality of your browser if you want to print your business documents. You can easily find help on a search engine like Google for browser-related questions.


Q. Is Basware portal invoice key in free for suppliers?

A. Yes.

Q. Is Basware portal for receiving free for buyers?

A. Yes


Q. Is there any possibility to change the username?

A. Changing the Username is not possible.