SmartPDF name change

SmartPDF Name Change

We launched the latest version of SmartPDF in April 2023. This is the SmartPDF version we wish to promote to our customers and that we from now on call SmartPDF.

At this context we are simplifying the product namings of our SmartPDFs. The customers will be seeing some name changes for the product name in ServiceNow, billing, and at contract renewals. The name changes take place gradually during Summer months 2023. 

The service we provide will be the same as agreed in the customer contract. It is just the product name that will change. 


There is a table showing how the names will change

SmartPDF No previous name. We call the latest SmartPDF version with self-validation, launched April 2023 SmartPDF.
SmartPDF Service Previous name SmartPDF
SmartPDF Custom Previous name SmartPDF with Header level capture
SmartPDF Line Level Previous name SmartPDF with Line level capture

You may see both names for a while. Within some time frame the old name will disappear. 

Are there any actions the customers needs to take?

This article is about informing to raise awareness about the name changes the SmartPDF customers might observe. No action is needed from the customer.