P2P - Purchase - Enabling Blanket purchase orders


This article describes the process for requesting Blanket order and Release order functionality enablement.

Blanket orders are sum-based purchase orders that allow buyers to allocate a specific order amount to a supplier over a set amount of time. Blanket orders are particularly useful if the service is invoiced in several parts during the validity period, such as buying a service for a year. Blanket orders can also be used for ordering consumable goods, such as office supplies, over a period of time.


  1. Go to the Basware Support Portal and click Request a service.
  2. Click New Feature Enablement.
  3. In the Account field, select your account. 
  4. In the Business Service field, select Procurement.
  5. In the Mention the required feature to be enabled field, type "Blanket order" or "Blanket order and Release orders". If your organization uses custom purchase order PDFs, please mention what information needs to be added to the custom document. 
  6. Click Order Now.

A change request ticket will be created for you and sent to the Change Request Management team. A Change Request Manager will prepare a quote for the feature enablement and will contact you soon.

Order Matching

To complete the configuration, an Order Matching Category must be created to separate normal purchase orders from blanket orders. For blanket orders, OrderTypeCode must be set as "blanket".

Please note that the best fit recognition method does not support blanket purchase order lines. You must use either "Basic" or "Fill Up" as the calculation rule.

Additional Information:

Blanket order functionality in version 21.6

Release order additional functionality in version 21.9