Human validation mistake


While reviewing the reported quality feedback, we identified one or more values that were validated incorrectly by the validation specialist.

The Scan and Capture service can receive invoices via mail (paper), email (PDF), or the CloudScan software client. The SmartPDF service can only receive the invoices via email (PDF). The defined invoice data is extracted from the business document image, and the extraction result is then validated. The resulting data file and the invoice image are then further delivered to the customer's invoice processing system.

Data capture and validation are performed based on automated and manual processes. All of the Scan and Capture documents are validated by validation specialists, referring to the Scan and Capture Specification and Validation Guide (SVG) or Data Capture Guide (DCG), Keyword Guide, and Master Data Extract. Validation specialists validate a portion of the SmartPDF documents. During the validation process, human mistakes can occur, resulting in the incorrect value(s) being captured (values not following the above-mentioned documents).


During the manual validation phase, the validation specialist failed to identify a rule/keyword which exists in the Scan and Capture Specification and Validation Guide (SVG) or Data Capture Guide (DCG). This resulted in the expected value not being captured and delivered to your invoice processing system.

Customer actions

This error does not require any actions from you.

P2P customers can benefit from various business logic scripts, which can elevate invoice processing to increase automation.

Each field is separately validated in the human validation process, and it's possible to arrange inside the P2P a more intelligent and systematic approach by making automatic data validation checks. For example, a supplier can be identified as its own process, and the supplier's business ID can be captured. Thirdly, a supplier's bank account (bank account/IBAN) can be captured. There are then three separate fields captured individually, and P2P can have a business logic in place to verify that each of these matches the supplier master data. If so, automatic approvals can process the invoice further. Yet, on the other hand, if one piece of information is a mismatch, then all supplier related details are not populated to the header details inside P2P, and the invoice will go to manual processing. A business logic script is executed automatically and, therefore, can guarantee the processing of invoices, as human validation can have human errors. Basware will advise scenarios with examples where business logic scripts could be modified to meet the changing business environment.

Basware actions

Data validation is a high-intensity and complicated work environment. When the incorrect value(s) is released due to a human validation mistake, Basware takes corrective measures by reviewing the reported examples in the quality review sessions, arranging additional training for the validation team members, and monitoring and following up on the results. Additionally, by looking at reported feedback over a more extended period, systematic human errors can be spotted based on a combination of field, supplier, and receiving company to triangulate any routine issues.

For SmartPDF customers, the Basware team constantly takes layouts towards automatic capturing to decrease the need for human validation.

How can I ask questions or raise suggestions?

If there are any further inquiries related to the "Human validation mistake" finding or if you have suggestions, we welcome your feedback. Please contact Basware Support by filing the following support case.

For a comprehensive summary of the renewed quality feedback process and the selected improvements that have been applied, please review the Data capture feedback process article.