Extracts are master data files, which are being generated from the customer's systems. These extract files are used for data capturing processing in the data capture service.

There are 5 types of extracts that can be used and applied to S&C projects:

Extracts can be Basware managed in the Alusta P2P setup or customer-managed in case of a 3rd party invoice processing system (ERP).

Extracts for P2P customers (recipients) are usually managed by Basware (exception non-SAS {licensed} customers where Basware P2P teams don’t have access to customer’s P2P environment). Extracts for network only (non-P2P) customers are managed by customers themselves.

The source data required for extract generation is available in the customer’s ERP and Basware’s P2P systems pull the required data from the customer’s ERP system. There is a daily task scheduled in IP/Alusta which generates the master data (S&C extracts) by using the source data. A text file is generated through this task and is FTP'd to Nova-JSCAPE. The extracts are updated on daily basis through these scheduled tasks.

Extracts to be used

In the data capturing guide, the purpose is to mark which extracts are used in the service, the form and how often these extracts are delivered, and to which location. The implementation team will create the backend based on these, and the service will alert in case some extract file is not delivered correctly during operations.