CloudScan 2.0 end-of-life support

Updated June 20, 2024. 

Mandatory Version upgrade for CloudScan 2.0 customers 

As of June 30, 2024, the following Basware product will no longer be accessible: 

What happens at the end-of-life.  

The end-of-life for CloudScan 2.0 is June 30, 2024. Most of our customers are already prepared for this transition. 

Starting from July 1, 2024, CloudScan 2.0 will be discontinued for customers who have:  



    For customers currently undergoing CloudScan 3.0 or SmartPDF delivery, Basware can extend support in CS 2.0 slightly longer, but no later than August 16, 2024. Please ensure you have arranged with Basware if your schedule must be extended.  


My CloudScan 2.0 was closed on July 1st, 2024. What do I do?  

If your company has not initiated an upgrade to CloudScan 3.0 or SmartPDF and still requires a solution, please take the following steps: 


If your company’s  CloudScan 3.0 or SmartPDF delivery has been completed but you still require more time to use CloudScan 2.0.  



Our previous guidance:  

We kindly ask you to take a decision on how you will go forward as soon as possible and inform Basware about your choice. Preferably by October 31st, 2023. This will enable us to together plan the upgrade to SmartPDF or CloudScan 3.0 and ensure that you are all set at the end-of-life.    

As of 30th June 2024, the following Basware product will no longer be available:

We have several times informed our CloudScan 2.0 users since June 2023 that they need to upgrade to CloudScan 3.0 or SmartPDF. Basware requested customers to make their decision by December 31, 2023. If you have not yet acted on this, now is your last chance to act.  

After June 30th, 2024 you can’t use the CloudScan 2.0 service anymore. The timeline can’t be extended. Please act now, or otherwise we can’t ensure that you are ready with the new solution by the end-of-life date on June 30, 2024. The service will shut down in June 2024 and you risk not having a functioning solution by delaying your decision any further.   

Please read this article for more information about the options and decide soonest to ensure you are all set at the end-of-life. 

Previously we asked you to familiarize yourself with the options by August 2023 and participate in a webinar in August. The webinar recordings are available underneath.  

In the webinars we walked you through how to transition and the required change, and explained the benefits of this change and the options.  

The webinar on SmartPDF was held on: August 15th 2023.  
Recording is here.

The webinar on CloudScan 3.0 was held on: August 16th 2023  
Recording is here.


Effective December 31st 2023 Basware will cease providing support services and technical assistance for CloudScan 2.0. Only critical production fixes for CloudScan 2.0 will be provided, until the environment is shut down 30.6.2024. We want to ensure you are aware of this upcoming change in order to facilitate a smooth transition for your business.

The decision to retire CloudScan 2.0 stems from various factors. Primarily, the underlying technology has become outdated and the third -party component to CloudScan 2.0 is no longer supported after August 2024. Additionally, we have observed a significant decline in usage and need, making it impractical to continue its development.


Customers have received a notification to do a Mandatory upgrade for CloudScan 2.0

Customers received an end-of-life letter on June 30, 2023 and were requested upgrade to a later product version. Depending on the customer profile we have either recommended SmartPDF or CloudScan 3.0.

What version are you using?

When you open the solution, you see the number of the version below "Basware CloudScan".


What does this mean for you?

We understand that this news may present challenges for those who have relied on Basware CloudScan 2.0. However, we are committed to assisting you throughout the transition process and helping you transition to a version that is better aligned with your requirements and represents newer technology.  

Overtime Basware recommends all customers to move to SmartPDF.

Therefore we recommend to replace CloudScan 2.0 with our modern, AI and machine learning based solution SmartPDF. It can automate data extraction from all your incoming PDF-invoices (image or PDF-format) and transfer them to real e-invoices. The self-validation feature of SmartPDF will enable automation of even exception invoices by teaching the AI. SmartPDF can develop and further automate your AP process. It will raise the quality of data entering your AP solution. SmartPDF also retires the need for supplier onboarding, as all suppliers can send their invoices as email attachments. Your suppliers will appreciate fast invoice handling and on-time payments as well as easy invoice delivery.

For some customers we have at this point suggested as alternative option to move to CloudScan 3.0. CloudScan 3.0 is a light scanning solution for PDF and paper invoices. It has better OCR recognition and Office 365 integration than CloudScan 2.0. The Single Sign-On (SSO) feature of CloudScan 3.0 provides improved security.


Other possible scenarios

If you have both CloudScan 2.0 and CloudScan 3.0 versions in use, please move all usage to CloudScan 3.0 soonest and latest by 30.6.2024. If you need assistance, please contact us.

If your contract period exceeds the end-of-life date of CloudScan 2.0 (30.6.2024) and you do not wish to upgrade during the schedule, we kindly ask you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss the schedule.

What are the next steps

If you wish to upgrade to SmartPDF: Please talk to your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager about upgrading and what it means for your organization. Familiarize yourself with the webinar from 15th of August.  

If you wish to upgrade to CloudScan 3.0: You can start the transition process to CloudScan 3.0 by ordering the update from Service Now. Use ServiceNow – "Request a service" to submit a change request or contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager. Familiarize yourself with the webinar from 16th of August. 


Have questions? 

For more information about SmartPDF see: 

Ask your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager what transitioning to SmartPDF means for your organization. If you do not have an appointed Account Manager or Customer Success Manager, please contact us through this page for SmartPDF: 

If you wish to upgrade to CloudScan 3.0: You can start the transition process to CloudScan 3.0 by ordering the update from Service Now. Use ServiceNow – "Request a service" to submit a change request or contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.