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User's language and region settings can be found from User settings and Basware P2P Administration. When the language or region is changed for the user from either interface, the changes will take place when logging out and back in.

User settings view:

Basware P2P Administration view:


This setting defines the user's language in:


This setting defines the user's:

Select regional settings by browser language

Instead of using a preset P2P region setting, it is possible to set the regional setting by browser language. This means that the region setting will be overridden by the language the browser uses.

In Basware P2P Administration, even if the region was set in Region field, enabling this option will override that setting. In User settings, one of the options in the Region dropdown is "Set region by browser language."

Organization default language and region settings

Is is possible to define default language and region settings for the organization. If default language or region setting is defined for an organization, it is used by default for the organization's users. If the user has some other language or regional setting, it will override the organization's default setting for that user.

Is is also possible to set regional settings by browser language for the organization. This works the same way as described above. If it enabled for the organization and the organization's user does not have any particular language or region selected, then the settings will be inherited from the organization's settings, which in this case would determine the settings from the browser. 


Supplier language and region settings

Supplier language determines the language used in the business documents, such as PDF purchase orders sent from Basware P2P to the supplier. 

Regional language settings affect the number format, date format, time format, and currency format for documents that are sent to the supplier. 

The default setting for supplier and regional language is en-US.


Additional Information:

If there are inconsistencies in different fields with formatting of numbers, currencies, dates and times, it is likely caused by a region that is not supported yet. In this case, please contact Basware Support to report the inconsistency and region.