Send data capture services manual feedback form to Basware

To give feedback, you must fill in the form named: Data-capture-manual-feedback-form-V-1-1.


  • If you are a Basware Alusta P2P customer, use the following link to send - Feedback Report - Alusta.
    • The P2P user checks and modifies the incorrect field(s) and selects the error code for the document, and the system directly adds all the required information to the feedback report.

Fields to be filled to the manual feedback form can be found from BT-Monitor, or Basware Portal and the related instructions are available on the cover page - Info of the Feedback Form. All fields are mandatory except the released value and comment columns.

Fields to be filled are:

  • Unique identifier (BUMID or Scan Service ID):
    • BUMID is available in BT-Monitor and Basware Portal and is the unique identifier used across different Basware subsystems to identify each business document uniquely.
    • Or alternatively, you can mention the Scan Service ID (SSID).
  • Choose Issue type from the drop-down menu "Incorrect Field Value"
  • Check the Field(s) name from the XML file.
  • Copy-paste into Released value the incorrect value, e.g. <InvoiceDate Format="CCYYMMDD">20411115</InvoiceDate>
  • Provide us the correct value in Expected value as <InvoiceDate Format="CCYYMMDD">20141115</InvoiceDate>
  • You can provide additional comments to column Comments.
  • Save the file and send it to the Basware Support Basware ServiceNow contact form.

The team handling the specific data capturing engine analyzes the feedback report at Basware. The results are provided back to the feedback ticket. A follow-up incident is opened if individual findings are outside the data capturing services, for example, inside the invoice processing system. The investigation continues on its own track as a feedback form may contain several other scenarios. More information about the feedback process can be found here.