Purchase - How to - Professional task lists views for purchase personal users


It is possible to change the personal task list view to professional task list view. This feature enables the user to see more information of the tasks and allows additional functionalities related to the tasks for the user. This article will instruct how to use the functionality and what it enables in the task list view.


Make sure:

To enable the view, go to User settings > Other settings > Views in desktop mode and select Professional view. After saving the new setting, you might need to log out of the system and log back in to see the new view. Note that this setting is not enabled by default.



After the Professional view setting has been enabled, user can see the professional task view list in Tasks. The new view is applied to requisitions, purchase orders, and goods receipts lists.


Professional view allows the user to do the following actions:

Error, notice and discussion columns

The error icon indicates if there are errors in the document. Notice column will give a notification about the current state of the document. Discussion column in the task list views indicates whether there is an associated discussion for a particular document and whether the discussion has been read or is still unread.


Column configuration

Users with appropriate user rights can configure the columns of the task list in Configuration Tool. The user needs system user rights to access this configuration. In case you need to configure these settings, you can contact Basware support to raise a request.