Incoming invoice source options






Sender’s and receiver’s ERPs are directly connected. Operators act as interpreters for data formats.

Available 24/7 and delivered within minutes end-to-end.


Basware Supplier Portal

Supplier to input invoice details to invoice form inside Basware Portal and upload their own invoice image as an attachment.

A supplier can track invoice status and send invoices fast to the recipient. Especially during critical cut-off times (e.g., year closing).



“Do-it-yourself” service for paper and PDF files (scanning in-house).

An affordable solution to capture manually required invoice processing to the P2P system.


CloudScan with Basware validation

Enter invoices in-house, with Basware’s data capture validation as an outsourced service.

Outsource data capture to Basware as a service to save time.


PDF E-Invoice

Machine-readable PDF files which are mapped in Basware for data capture.

Invoice tracking possible on Basware Portal for suppliers and deliver faster than via scanning service. Better quality on a data file, and possible for row-level details capture.


Smart PDF

Combines PDF E-Invoice and scanning service automatically.

A single address for two different data capture technology. The best user experience on assisted services*.


Scanning service

Full paper and email invoice processing from Basware as an outsourced service.

Best in regions or industries where suppliers are still using the traditional way.


*Assisted services mean everything else than real e-invoice. Real e-invoice means that systems are directly interacting with each other without any interactions from humans daily.


One company wanted to choose CloudScan as the long-term solution instead of the full scanning service. They are a start-up company, and they really want to push suppliers towards e-invoicing eventually. CloudScan is easily deployed and does not require supplier activation on this step.

The company kept their own in-house postal address as they had the staff to process mail and emails towards CloudScan. They also wanted to do data capture in-house to save money on this process. On the supplier activation side, they wanted to start pushing suppliers towards real e-invoicing. When having scanning in-house, they know which suppliers are still using paper and request them to use email instead at the very least.

This way, they also updated their own supplier master data with email contact information, which was handed over to Basware for e-invoice onboarding. The goal here was to spend less on the legacy method, focus on the future of e-invoicing, and send a clear message to the suppliers.