Bizmail ONEway Documentation

Can I change my email address for e-mail notifications?

Do invoices received via Bizmail ONEway have a legal value?

Does Bizmail ONEway meet the legal requirements for receiving HR documents?

How can I get a Bizmail ONEway account?

How do I disable the “Remember me” feature?

How do I view my cookies?

How do mandates work?

How does Bizmail ONEway work?

I have forgotten my password and/or username.

I haven't received my documents yet (e-invoice or other) or I cannot find recent documents in my inbox. What is wrong?

In what format are documents delivered to a Bizmail ONEway account?

Is it required to tick the “Remember me on this PC” check box?

Is there a legal obligation to archive electronic invoices?

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What are mandates?

How to get e-mail notifications when a new message arrives in my account?

What do I need to use Bizmail ONEway?

What happens if I check the “Remember me on this PC” box?

What is a (persistent) cookie?

What is the “Open the PDF directly from this email” feature?

What to do if Adobe Acrobat Reader doesn't trust the signature on my PDF?

Who can use Bizmail ONEway?