Basware Purchase-to-Pay - Release History

On this page, you can find a list of all the features released in Basware Purchase-to-Pay starting from release 2.4.

P2P 24.5.1


P2P 24.5


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-97919 Invoice Automation New basic user rights to invoice and spend plan reviewers and approvers
ALUSTA-109140 Invoice Automation Use SmartCoding button is available when invoice does not yet have coding
ALUSTA-84570 Spend Plans Professional view for spend plan search
ALUSTA-112202 Marketplace Passing additional values to the punchout
ALUSTA-111533 Match Orders Check if all referenced purchase orders are associated

P2P 24.4.2


P2P 24.4.1


P2P 24.4


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-111621 Marketplace Archiving an agreement removes the agreement from groups
ALUSTA-107615 Integrations Images and attachments to Basware API
ALUSTA-111622 Marketplace User interface renewal for content loading templates
ALUSTA-111616 Marketplace Export ratings and reviews from agreement
ALUSTA-111531 Purchase Purchase order access reports
ALUSTA-109236 Purchase Add net received sum to related documents
ALUSTA-106174 Invoice Automation Select the supplier that the SmartCoding settings are applied to
ALUSTA-108178 Spend Plans Spend plan approval limit can be evaluated also with direct currency calculation

P2P 24.3.1


P2P 24.3


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-109578 Match Orders Assignment of invoice tasks can now be based on corresponding order details
ALUSTA-111210 Marketplace Forms at basket checkout for external webshop items
ALUSTA-111259 Platform Extract user right report from P2P Admin
ALUSTA-109893 Match Orders Enhanced visibility to individuals associated with corresponding matching purchase orders
ALUSTA-70573 Spend Plans Professional view for spend plan task details
ALUSTA-108605 Purchase Re-trigger the requisition approval workflow on configured data changes
ALUSTA-111257 Platform Hide Basware personnel from User Management
ALUSTA-108132 Purchase Export budgets from the list view
ALUSTA-108665 Invoice Automation Show empty numeric values as blank in invoice and spend plan list views
ALUSTA-108204 Purchase Define budget exceeding at budget creation

P2P 24.2.1


P2P 24.2


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-109259 Purchase See all budget rows in Basic data and rule-specific rows in Budget rules
ALUSTA-110456 Marketplace Response shown when supplier withdraws quote in Quick Source
ALUSTA-107993 Purchase Marketplace settings in Data management
ALUSTA-109021 Purchase Professional view: Notifications and discussions columns for task list views
ALUSTA-110507 Marketplace Single sign-on for Purchase and Marketplace customers
ALUSTA-109022 Purchase Primary action shown separately in Professional view tasks for purchase documents
ALUSTA-110714 Analytics Touchless Invoice Processing Discovery dashboard
ALUSTA-109792 Invoice Automation Increased and configurable invoice and spend plan search limit in AP Pro
ALUSTA-110475 Marketplace Self-service for buyers to set up a punchout in Marketplace

2.2 P2P 24.1.2


P2P 24.1.1


P2P 24.1


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-79212 Spend Plans Spend plan creator’s capability to approve own spend plans
ALUSTA-104680 Purchase Default expressions on purchase requisition and when adding lines to purchase order
ALUSTA-109855 Purchase Professional tasks list for purchase personal users
ALUSTA-81155 Invoice Automation Improved visibility to invoices in automatic transfer
ALUSTA-107639 Purchase Exclude attachments when copying purchase requisition or order as draft requisition
ALUSTA-109919 Marketplace Assign multiple contract references to punchout or framework agreements
ALUSTA-109943 Marketplace Reason for rejection for supplier’s price list
ALUSTA-109398 Integrations Query invoice status through Invoice status API

P2P 23.12.1


P2P 23.12


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-94672 Match Orders Matching deviation sum and cross currency
ALUSTA-103733 Invoice Automation Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 has ended
ALUSTA-109498 Marketplace Match exact search word in item name or manufacturer name
ALUSTA-109252 Invoice Automation Invoice access reports
ALUSTA-109443 Marketplace Configured info message on punchout to supplier website
ALUSTA-11786 Invoice Automation View the content of the dispute email messages
ALUSTA-105999 Purchase Budget’s spend status in P2P Purchase
ALUSTA-108959 Invoice Automation Brand renewal for Basware P2P
ALUSTA-109442 Marketplace Support for OCI-format integrated search
ALUSTA-108303 Match Orders Match invoice with multiple delivery note number references
ALUSTA-108301 Invoice Automation Save search criteria
ALUSTA-109194 Invoice Automation Support for JPEG attachment files

P2P 23.11.2


P2P 23.11.1


P2P 23.11


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-108880 Analytics Enhancements to Invoice Origin Discovery dashboard
ALUSTA-108009 Purchase Enablement of row approval for purchase orders
ALUSTA-108803 Marketplace Marketplace search filters panel updates
ALUSTA-108935 Marketplace DPS Agreement- Buyers can see changes done by suppliers
ALUSTA-108870 Invoice Automation PDF invoice image viewer and external image viewer enhancements
ALUSTA-104533 Match Orders Matching invoices manually with unit price
ALUSTA-103298 Invoice Automation Separate invoices with missing data for duplicate check and true duplicates
ALUSTA-108804 Marketplace Landing page renewal (phase 2)

P2P 23.10.2


P2P 23.10.1


P2P 23.10


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-108173 Marketplace Export option on Agreements
ALUSTA-86770 Invoice Automation Invoice transfer support for hybrid API and anyERP
ALUSTA-108246 Analytics Enhancements to On-time payment rate KPI calculation logic in Basware Insights
ALUSTA-108237 Marketplace Quick Source for Suppliers (User Interface renewal for Quick Quote)
ALUSTA-24387 Spend Plans Spend plan review and approval task handling enhancements
ALUSTA-108172 Marketplace Quick Source buyer improvements
ALUSTA-108174 Marketplace Linked media option on Agent agreement

P2P 23.9.1


P2P 23.9


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-104080 Invoice Automation Show invoice XML proposal in SmartCoding
ALUSTA-107568 Marketplace Users enlisted in approval scheme can approve the agreement
ALUSTA-107566 Marketplace Rating and Reviews in Marketplace
ALUSTA-107569 Marketplace New status filter added to supplier’s quick quote
ALUSTA-97612 Invoice Automation Dividing SmartCoding to multiple coding rows
ALUSTA-107567 Marketplace Supplier withdrawn section in View Response
ALUSTA-106888 Invoice Automation Support Lookup lists for Invoice lines
ALUSTA-100301 Invoice Automation Removal reason concept
ALUSTA-107117 Purchase Guided purchasing links to point to specific FTF or external webshop in ISE
ALUSTA-70769 Invoice Automation Invoice export file compatibility with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari
ALUSTA-67211 Purchase Copying selected line level fields to selected other lines in Purchase professional side
ALUSTA-104213 Invoice Automation Upgraded PDF viewer component
ALUSTA-105275 Purchase User can set default delivery and invoicing addresses in Users settings
ALUSTA-105751 Purchase User can split coding rows on the basis of Amount

P2P 23.8.2


P2P 23.8.1


P2P 23.8


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-106795 Invoice Automation SmartPDF - Self-validation
ALUSTA-97909 Invoice Automation Advanced search and dimension based visibility for business users
ALUSTA-107222 Marketplace Support for Amazon Business Federated (integrated) Search
ALUSTA-105403 Purchase User should be able to hide the summary tab.
ALUSTA-103382 Purchase Add links to free-text form instructions
ALUSTA-90279 Purchase User should be able to view and navigate to multiple documents.
ALUSTA-102174 Purchase Advanced search improvement: Line data sums to be displayed in list view
ALUSTA-65792 Config Tool Data Management - Export to Excel support for Data Maintenance tables
ALUSTA-102780 Config Tool Selecting Organization is not mandatory when searching on Table maintenance
ALUSTA-106595 Invoice Automation SmartCoding module pre-training for coming changes
ALUSTA-93196 Match Orders Match with bestfit the rest of the invoice total after line level matching
ALUSTA-98883 Purchase GR import enhancements: other receiving types and reverse in anyERP
ALUSTA-107221 Marketplace Agreement expiry email sent to multiple recipients
ALUSTA-105384 Purchase Pinning tabs functionality for Purchase documents in Pro tools.
ALUSTA-107220 Marketplace Enhancement to Award Quote dialog (Buyer side Quick Quote)
ALUSTA-105848 Invoice Automation SmartCoding user rights

P2P 23.6.1


P2P 23.6


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-106063 Marketplace Mapping of punchout agreement and supplier reference domain
ALUSTA-104699 Purchase Prevent sending cXML orders that have attachments
ALUSTA-106013 Marketplace Email footer added to invitation email to one-off suppliers
ALUSTA-92586 Invoice Automation Pending deviation time for AP clerk
ALUSTA-101086 Purchase Remove the confirmation dialog about approving the only line assigned to the user
ALUSTA-98099 Match Orders Highlight invoices where related goods receipt is marked faulty
ALUSTA-102480 Purchase Manufacturer part id and shipping instructions in order messages
ALUSTA-97264 Analytics AP Performance Discovery
ALUSTA-104707 Purchase Hide or disable approvers on summary page
ALUSTA-106116 Analytics AP Performance dashboard
ALUSTA-103251 Invoice Automation Partition-specific reports
ALUSTA-84797 Invoice Automation Enhanced version upgrade notification
ALUSTA-100489 Purchase Email review for purchase requisitions
ALUSTA-104201 Purchase Search and view documents of an inactive organization
ALUSTA-105977 Marketplace Awarded date shown when request is awarded
ALUSTA-99752 Invoice Automation Enhanced return task action for invoice reviewers and approvers
ALUSTA-106239 Invoice Automation Multiple active row review/approval tasks not created anymore
ALUSTA-24885 Purchase Email approval for purchase requisitions

P2P 23.5.3


P2P 23.5.2


P2P 23.5.1


P2P 23.5


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-97812 Config Tool Custom label support in Data management > Table maintenance
ALUSTA-105666 Invoice Automation Upgraded component on Save as PDF functionality
ALUSTA-104841 Config Tool Move table “GDM_CUSTOMER_PROJECTS” to Data management from Configuration tool
ALUSTA-102345 Invoice Automation Change PDF merging component
ALUSTA-105351 Marketplace Response format template for buyers in Quick Source for Buyers
ALUSTA-99003 Match Orders Deviation also from manual coding error
ALUSTA-10144 Purchase Net and gross sum budgets
ALUSTA-104306 Match Orders Match credit memo with an order using positive sum
ALUSTA-102476 Purchase Order sending settings in Data management
ALUSTA-100650 Invoice Automation Workload management - new text criteria that enables more accurate invoice assignment
ALUSTA-104200 Purchase Remove tasks belonging to inactive organizations from task list
ALUSTA-85715 Purchase Received and invoiced quantities are visible in the purchase order pages
ALUSTA-105348 Marketplace Fee-text form agreement names are the same as the view name
ALUSTA-94744 Match Orders Order refresh with anyERP before automatic matching

P2P 23.4.1


P2P 23.4


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-57177 Purchase Company-specific purchase requisition and purchase order entity configurations
ALUSTA-104934 Marketplace DPS - Filters and export option added to supplier list
ALUSTA-102674 Match Orders Ensure that invoice is within blanket purchase order’s validity period
ALUSTA-102479 Purchase Address ID in predefined delivery and invoicing addresses
ALUSTA-104737 Marketplace Weighing levels of Preferred Items
ALUSTA-104744 Marketplace Quick Source for Buyers enhancements
ALUSTA-96765 Invoice Automation New fields for invoice header data
ALUSTA-102892 Purchase Passing PO custom fields from Purchase to Matching
ALUSTA-102478 Purchase Improved name and value pair support in P2P Purchase
ALUSTA-61290 Purchase Select allowed suppliers in free-text form properties
ALUSTA-104145 Purchase Support for check box in coding row
ALUSTA-100621 Purchase Contact task recipient functionality in Purchase professional

P2P 23.3.2


P2P 23.3.1


P2P 23.3


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-101478 Invoice Automation SmartCoding proposal time and refresh
ALUSTA-97918 Purchase Import supplier’s lead time to purchase requisition line
ALUSTA-101575 Invoice Automation Updated SmartCoding proposals available when invoice data changes
ALUSTA-104279 Marketplace External webshop Test button for Community Admins
ALUSTA-94957 Analytics Add Association rate KPI to the process overview dashboard
ALUSTA-104179 Purchase Accessibility improvements for personal users
ALUSTA-101505 Invoice Automation Historical invoice search info
ALUSTA-81027 Spend Plans Cancel process action on spend plans
ALUSTA-104139 Marketplace Suppliers can edit the information on qualification questionnaire
ALUSTA-44861 Invoice Automation Personal Invoice search - Pro view

P2P 23.2.2


P2P 23.2.1


P2P 23.2


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-102292 Marketplace Usability enhancements for organization selection - sorting and search bar
ALUSTA-99236 Purchase Show approvers and reviewers in Purchase Professional tools list views
ALUSTA-102958 Marketplace Quick Source for Buyers (user interface renewal for Quick Quote)
ALUSTA-103039 Marketplace Upload Excel and Word file types as media files for Marketplace items
ALUSTA-98769 Purchase Additional fields to advanced search in purchase documents
ALUSTA-103084 Marketplace Button added to basket summary to go directly to checkout
ALUSTA-95212 Invoice Automation Precoding handling settings for each dimension when SmartCoding is used
ALUSTA-85502 Purchase Purchase Professional Tools - Export to Excel action is now in the More actions menu on the documents list
ALUSTA-95626 Invoice Automation SmartCoding for infrequently used suppliers
ALUSTA-84209 Purchase Enhanced filters in the Purchase Professional Tools list view
ALUSTA-103300 Marketplace Teams with Quick Source
ALUSTA-103082 Marketplace Format text in item templates using Markdown
ALUSTA-94225 Invoice Automation SmartCoding not shown for invoices with Matching-generating coding
ALUSTA-98675 Purchase Purchase Professional Tools - Cancelled and rejected documents shown under the “All documents” filter
ALUSTA-97531 Invoice Automation Updated SmartCoding proposals available when invoice data changes
ALUSTA-90847 Purchase Change PO owner after order has been created

P2P 23.1.1


P2P 23.1


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-99704 Config Tool Legacy Configuration Tool interface is now deactivated
ALUSTA-89554 Purchase Prevent shop users from using customized delivery address
ALUSTA-99587 Invoice Automation Automatic forwarding of row approval tasks to supervisor or default approver
ALUSTA-102295 Marketplace “Category” catalog filter renamed to “Category Codes”
ALUSTA-102310 Marketplace DPS - Allow multiple contact email addresses in Contracts
ALUSTA-100472 Platform Organization role configuration enhancement
ALUSTA-84465 Invoice Automation Navigate to contracts from Procurement, Accounts Payable, or both
ALUSTA-99712 Invoice Automation Tasks in Waiting status are now also forwarded to backup users

P2P 22.12.2


P2P 22.12.1


P2P 22.12


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-89334 Spend Plans Spend plan free-text search changed to use “contains” operator
ALUSTA-97942 Match Orders Send invoice to approval workflow if matched goods receipt is marked as faulty
ALUSTA-81341 Purchase Notifications widget available from the Procurement module
ALUSTA-101218 Purchase Accessibility improvements for personal users
ALUSTA-91338 Invoice Automation Invoice search no longer runs automatically upon logging in to AP Pro
ALUSTA-101518 Marketplace Confirmation shown that a purchase requisition has been created
ALUSTA-100634 Marketplace Variations for matrix items can be set in a custom order
ALUSTA-98785 Purchase Users with Purchase Professional view-only user rights can view document details pages
ALUSTA-96766 Purchase Delivery location scheme ID added to orders sent using Order REST API
ALUSTA-99561 Invoice Automation Support for filtered lookups in Update coding
ALUSTA-101517 Marketplace Bill of materials free-text file can now include non-DUNS values in the “Supplier ID code” field
ALUSTA-78635 Spend Plans Professional users can manage spend plans both in Procurement and AP Pro modules
ALUSTA-93153 Purchase Import purchase requisitions and purchase orders with refund lines
ALUSTA-82777 Purchase Integrated Shopping Experience - “View basket” button added to free-text forms
ALUSTA-90933 Spend Plans After the matching activity, error messages change to info messages
ALUSTA-85509 Purchase Update order task assigned to user after purchase order editing
ALUSTA-101265 Invoice Automation New tenant setting to enable/disable the conditional approval dialog on invoice row approval
ALUSTA-95881 Invoice Automation Configurable timeout period for invoice searches

P2P 22.11.1


P2P 22.11


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-72931 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Reason for rejection added to invoice and spend plan history
ALUSTA-91653 Purchase Users can save data with validation errors on purchase order lines
ALUSTA-99346 Purchase Goods receipt advanced search - removed criteria “Ordered gross total” and “Received gross total”
ALUSTA-100706 Invoice Automation, Purchase Accessibility improvements for personal users
ALUSTA-53347 Invoice Automation Conditional approval support for invoice row approval
ALUSTA-100628 Marketplace Update questions on published DPS questionnaires
ALUSTA-78882 Purchase Enable new document details view for all users of Purchase Professional Tools

P2P 22.10


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-93693 P2P Admin Password changes for legacy logins sent as plain text in email
ALUSTA-97454 Purchase Contract maximum net total increased to 9.9 trillion
ALUSTA-90595 Purchase Align purchase document split view with invoice document
ALUSTA-98772 Purchase Add Sending method, Supplier email, and GLN to the purchase order lists
ALUSTA-85574 Purchase Show PR number in PR task expand view and PO number in PO task expand view
ALUSTA-93745 Match Orders Purchase order search with only one criteria
ALUSTA-95941 Invoice Automation New filters and tags to Notification center
ALUSTA-100116 Marketplace Allow UNSPSC Mapping with Coder in Marketplace
ALUSTA-16974 Purchase View supplier’s lead time on purchase requisitions and purchase order lines
ALUSTA-97252 Match Orders tenant param for adding purchase order / delivery note to invoice
ALUSTA-95671 Purchase New document details view to be activated for all users of Purchase Professional Tools in release 22.11
ALUSTA-80340 Purchase Purchase Professional Tools - Copy coding on requisitions and orders
ALUSTA-85588 Purchase Process parameter for disabling PR forwarding

P2P 22.9


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-95868 Invoice Automation Legacy Workplace interface is now deactivated
ALUSTA-92230 Spend Plans Enhanced extend validity period single and batch action
ALUSTA-97961 Match Orders Show information for faulty goods receipts in order matching
ALUSTA-96312 Purchase Purchase Professional Tools - “Receive” and “Change goods receiver” actions added to the purchase order details page
ALUSTA-24291 Invoice Automation Selecting user group as recipient for discussion
ALUSTA-99321 Marketplace Tax territories for France, Vietnam, and Malaysia added
ALUSTA-90640 Purchase When editing PR draft, Header data panel no longer opens in edit mode if mandatory data is already entered
ALUSTA-85782 Purchase Free-text form purchasing category hierarchy retained for filtered category lists
ALUSTA-89333 Invoice Automation Allow AP clerks to receive discussions without having Review invoice/spend plan user rights
ALUSTA-99509 Invoice Automation Workload management - Tenant setting to retain a manually assigned AP clerk
ALUSTA-85707 Purchase Advanced search for purchase orders in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-99320 Marketplace New Loader now the default loading application for Marketplace Product Manager
ALUSTA-99317 Marketplace Set lead times for buyer-managed catalog items
ALUSTA-84870 Purchase Show order line acceptance in order history
ALUSTA-85631 P2P Admin P2P Admin - Ability to save user data with old backup user period
ALUSTA-99496 Marketplace New naming convention for free-text form views
ALUSTA-95568 Match Orders User setting for viewing PO items in PO line or GR level
ALUSTA-98382 Purchase Paste coding to all available lines on a purchase requisition
ALUSTA-82116 Spend Plans Match and unmatch actions in manual spend plan matching
ALUSTA-78467 Invoice Automation Workload management - Invoice assignment rules based on the start of suppliers’ names
ALUSTA-99318 Marketplace Indicator icons for supplier capabilities
ALUSTA-99319 Marketplace Expiration date shown on item details page
ALUSTA-96245 Invoice Automation Upgraded PDF viewer component
ALUSTA-91877 Purchase Delivery charges and other cost lines shown on purchase requisitions
ALUSTA-99147 Spend Plans Enhanced automatic matching to a budget-based spend plan
ALUSTA-97684 Purchase Improved automatic naming for free-text form views
ALUSTA-99621 Invoice Automation SmartCoding v2

P2P 22.8.1


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-98603 Invoice Automation Workload management: a new tenant setting for retaining manually assigned AP clerk

P2P 22.8


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-98021 Marketplace Additional settings introduced for punchout agreements
ALUSTA-98020 Marketplace Views can now include view-specific product categories
ALUSTA-95394 Invoice Automation Include contract numbers in Open PO Accrual report
ALUSTA-60192 Purchase Advanced search for purchase requisitions in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-93528 Platform Upload large PDF invoice files in the user interface
ALUSTA-98018 Marketplace Exported agent agreements now contain VAT territory
ALUSTA-98019 Marketplace ZIP files can be uploaded using the Loader
ALUSTA-94910 Purchase Marketplace items grouped by type on purchase requisition and purchase order pages - External webshop items
ALUSTA-98022 Marketplace Delivery costs from external webshops are now shown with the items in the shopping basket

P2P 22.6.2


P2P 22.6.1


P2P 22.6


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-97180 Marketplace Improved notifications to suppliers about withdrawn RFQs
ALUSTA-96378 P2P Admin New currency code for São Tomé and Príncipe dobra
ALUSTA-48692 Purchase Configure inheritance for guided purchasing shortcuts
ALUSTA-86660 Purchase Update order messaging delivery status to Basware Portal when using Order REST API
ALUSTA-97179 Marketplace Single notification for the quotes received from multiple suppliers
ALUSTA-91070 Purchase Navigate from contract picker to contract document details in professional tools
ALUSTA-96197 Purchase Updates to the display of Marketplace item types on purchase documents
ALUSTA-95718 Platform Lookup list data population doesn’t take overwrite property into account for other types than strings
ALUSTA-94825 Invoice Automation Workload management - Manually assigned AP clerk is retained
ALUSTA-10455 Invoice Automation Batch action support for updating coding rows
ALUSTA-85958 Purchase External resources visible for users without Purchase user rights
ALUSTA-94072 Purchase Navigate from the contract spend list to spend documents
ALUSTA-85298 Purchase Configure inheritance for custom links to external resources


P2P 22.5


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-93454 Purchase History tab shows history entries directly in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-95647 Config Tool Select all and copy coding templates using keyboard shortcuts in Data Management
ALUSTA-90934 Purchase When an order line for which receiving is not required is closed, line is closed for matching
ALUSTA-96474 Config Tool New configuration tool in Edge
ALUSTA-93746 Match Orders Header level association in Manual Matching
ALUSTA-96547 Marketplace Auto-export price lists on update or approval
ALUSTA-96548 Marketplace Auto-import CSV price lists
ALUSTA-94909 Purchase Items with price breaks shown as separate item type on purchase orders

P2P 22.4.1


P2P 22.4


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-84466 Purchase Contract metadata export and contract spend export
ALUSTA-84428 Purchase Show contract spend for invoices in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-82931 Invoice Automation Contract selection in invoice coding for professional users
ALUSTA-85538 Purchase Export list of documents against contract to Excel
ALUSTA-90265 Purchase Show contract spend for spend plans in Purchase Pro Tools
ALUSTA-91260 Purchase Validation added when editing different item types from Marketplace on purchase documents
ALUSTA-93126 Purchase Contract search logic improvements
ALUSTA-82929 Spend Plans Contract selection in spend plans for professional users
ALUSTA-90056 Invoice Automation Contract number as read-only value in additional cost settings coding
ALUSTA-82930 Match Orders Map contract number from purchase orders to invoice coding lines
ALUSTA-91259 Purchase Marketplace item types shown on purchase order

P2P 22.3


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-90848 Match Orders Manual Matching - Search for purchase order number or delivery note number
ALUSTA-90154 Match Orders Manual matching - Show pending time invoice is waiting for purchase document, and which document the invoice is waiting for
ALUSTA-90185 Invoice Automation “Current year” preset value in date range pickers
ALUSTA-91129 Invoice Automation “Notice” column message says “On hold” for invoices that are on hold
ALUSTA-76975 Invoice Automation Keyboard shortcut to add a new row to editable grids
ALUSTA-91258 Purchase Marketplace items grouped by type (bundle, Amazon Business) on purchase requisition draft and task page
ALUSTA-92668 Platform Extra periods (.) are changed to underscores ( _ ) in the file names of uploaded files
ALUSTA-93131 Match Orders Open purchase order accrual report
ALUSTA-92259 Purchase Read-only Summary tab added to purchase document details views
ALUSTA-92730 Purchase Purchase orders “In processing” quick filter in Purchase Professional Tools list view
ALUSTA-83298 Match Orders Show values in lookup list and supplier picker dialogs without searching
ALUSTA-93743 Match Orders Select “Invoice organization” when searching for purchase orders during matching
ALUSTA-92260 Purchase Toggle between new purchase document details layout and legacy layout for professional users
ALUSTA-90981 Purchase Purchase order's order type is passed to the Order type code field in Matching

P2P 22.2


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-92435 Purchase Several improvements to contract imports using Contracts API
ALUSTA-92782 Config Tool Support in Data Management > Table maintenance for extra EXT_* tables created for customers
ALUSTA-86550 Invoice Automation Filter string-based grid columns using numerical or alphabetical ranges
ALUSTA-75476 Invoice Automation Improved keyboard usability in AP Pro editable grids
ALUSTA-91754 Purchase Contract spend in organization and company currency

P2P 22.1


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-88406 Match Orders Personal Manual Matching now enabled by default
ALUSTA-90861 Platform BT Import - PDF invoice image conversion based on page count
ALUSTA-92434 Purchase Prevent contract spend collection for contracts imported using AnyERP
ALUSTA-92265 Match Orders Batch selection and returning to the list
ALUSTA-90815 Match Orders AP Pro manual matching - Search toggle enhanced to show all PO items
ALUSTA-92924 Marketplace Tasks - Dashboard and Agreements

P2P 21.12


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-70876 Invoice Automation Usability enhancement to supplier picker
ALUSTA-91254 Purchase Marketplace items in Purchase - Your requisition and Summary page changes
ALUSTA-91110 Marketplace Marketplace User Teams
ALUSTA-82727 Invoice Automation Replace modal dialogs with floating panels
ALUSTA-83783 Invoice Automation Find user groups easily in AP Pro and in Tools for power users
ALUSTA-87715 Match Orders Order type shown in matching results
ALUSTA-3389 Invoice Automation Batch action for invoice task approval and review in Edge
ALUSTA-89872 Spend Plans Supplier filtering on the plan reference picker
ALUSTA-87163 Invoice Automation Favorites in header-level recipient picker in AP Pro and Tools for power users
ALUSTA-78637 Match Orders Validation rule to prevent credit memos to match with positive GRs
ALUSTA-83167 Invoice Automation Show digital signatures on PDF images in AP Pro and in Tools for power users


P2P 21.11


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-62277 Purchase Advanced search for goods receipts in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-78734 Invoice Automation Show more characters by default in invoice and spend plan history
ALUSTA-88631 Purchase Export blanket purchase orders with anyERP
ALUSTA-88968 Platform Warning in Basware P2P Administration if deactivated user is set as a backup
ALUSTA-90988 Marketplace Super Content Loader - Associate images to items using file names or URLs
ALUSTA-86321 Purchase Create release orders in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-85212 Platform Use existing session when user logs into Basware P2P from 2+ browser tabs
ALUSTA-86548 Invoice Automation “Professional view” users can require a fixed flow for tasks with multiple recipients
ALUSTA-84460 Purchase Change purchase order sending method for individual orders in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-90989 Marketplace Matrix items available for buyer-managed content
ALUSTA-90274 Purchase View blanket order validity period in Purchase Professional Tools list view
ALUSTA-81779 Invoice Automation Warning message when canceling invoice with status “Transfer in progress”
ALUSTA-88244 Invoice Automation Improved search for supplier drop-down lists

P2P 21.10


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-85498 Purchase Expressions enabled for all price fields when using Order REST API
ALUSTA-85087 Purchase Users cannot add HTML files as attachments to purchase documents
ALUSTA-85418 Purchase Validation for contract imports - Contract numbers must be unique for the same supplier within an organization
ALUSTA-83464 Purchase Purchase requisition data enrichment for order data
ALUSTA-81524 Purchase Improved document details view for Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-76054 Analytics, Purchase Users can update emailed purchase orders from Purchase Professional Tools

P2P 21.9


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-84616 Invoice Automation Enhancements for saving invoices as PDF
ALUSTA-83465 Purchase Additional methods to define owner on openAPI purchase requisition import
ALUSTA-80111 Invoice Automation Save to PDF for many invoices at once
ALUSTA-82841 Invoice Automation Improve recipient selection in dialogs
ALUSTA-89126 Marketplace Bill of Materials - Target delivery dates
ALUSTA-67144 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Enable separate code and name columns for suppliers and organizations
ALUSTA-79521 Invoice Automation AP Pro - When changing invoice type, currency code and tax code persist
ALUSTA-82535 Match Orders AP Pro Manual Matching - Purchase order lines shown in goods receipt-based invoicing
ALUSTA-22136 Purchase Close purchase order lines from goods receipt task
ALUSTA-84293 Purchase Create and send a release order
ALUSTA-81256 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Retransfer many invoices at once
ALUSTA-81533 Purchase Import and export blanket orders using OpenAPI
ALUSTA-82399 Purchase Select contract for purchase requisitions and orders in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-34664 Invoice Automation Professional invoice task list for personal users
ALUSTA-63270 Invoice Automation More preset options available when selecting a date range
ALUSTA-86711 Purchase Search documents by contract number in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-83349 Purchase Split requisition to unique purchase orders based on desired delivery date
ALUSTA-62488 Match Orders Notifications widget available for AP Pro, Professional view, and Data Management
ALUSTA-83706 Purchase Target delivery dates set in Marketplace are used as the desired delivery dates on the purchase requisition
ALUSTA-88310 Invoice Automation Start time for activities shown in the Activity center
ALUSTA-81881 Spend Plans Professional spend plan task list for personal users
ALUSTA-89128 Marketplace Set classification code at agreement level
ALUSTA-81472 P2P Admin Duplicate “Task aborted” messages removed from task history
ALUSTA-89125 Marketplace Support for Amazon Business external webshop
ALUSTA-86157 Match Orders AP Pro Manual Matching - PO search to support also custom criteria
ALUSTA-34788 Invoice Automation Update organization and invoice type in AP Pro
ALUSTA-79763 Purchase Self-approve purchase requisitions in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-84739 Purchase Comment required when closing purchase orders and purchase order lines
ALUSTA-86303 Config Tool Configuration tool introduced in Edge
ALUSTA-89124 Marketplace Audit of logins, punchins and organization switches
ALUSTA-64423 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Reset search and remove column filters
ALUSTA-89127 Marketplace Export items from Product Manager
ALUSTA-83705 Platform “Select all” option added to column filter in grid

P2P 21.8


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-82047 Spend Plans Validation for plan reference field on invoices
ALUSTA-87635 Marketplace Share agent agreements and framework agreements in groups
ALUSTA-81569 Match Orders Validate cumulative difference on order row level for sum-based matches
ALUSTA-79538 Spend Plans Search and select a spend plan row or reference on an invoice
ALUSTA-82700 Purchase Contract details view in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-83231 Marketplace Getting started guide in Product Manager
ALUSTA-87634 Marketplace Tactical dynamic procurement system
ALUSTA-80435 Purchase Change purchase order sending method to suppliers for individual orders
ALUSTA-79827 Purchase View purchase orders’ invoiced total in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-77784 Purchase Update purchasing categories using Excel import
ALUSTA-57169 Purchase Purchase Professional Tools granular user rights
ALUSTA-84351 Purchase Show contract spend in contract search results
ALUSTA-83071 Analytics Change all references to “payment plans” to “Spend Plans” in analytics
ALUSTA-81829 Match Orders AP Pro Manual Matching - Allow approvals based on the deviation amount, not the row/invoice sum
ALUSTA-79476 Purchase Recently used purchasing categories added to dropdown in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-84024 Invoice Automation Separately configure fields and field order for list views in AP Pro

P2P 21.6


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-84472 Purchase Send blanket purchase orders
ALUSTA-82088 Marketplace Import and export a bill of materials with up to 100 catalog or free-text items
ALUSTA-85467 Marketplace Super Content Loader enhancements
ALUSTA-85326 Marketplace Quick Quote enhancements for buyers and suppliers
ALUSTA-76677 Invoice Automation Lookup lists’ column orders and sizes saved for AP Pro users
ALUSTA-76346 Invoice Automation Auto-fill new coding row total and auto-apply coding difference to existing rows on invoices and spend plans
ALUSTA-78964 Purchase Show contract details in Purchase Professional Tools split view
ALUSTA-82050 Spend Plans Matching error message shown when invoice does not match spend plan
ALUSTA-85331 Marketplace Catalog quality scoring
ALUSTA-75401 Platform Thai language available for Basware P2P
ALUSTA-82736 Purchase Show contract spend for purchase orders in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-81555 Purchase State name and code available for addresses on purchase documents
ALUSTA-79870 Match Orders Service PO import and BestFitGrouping value

P2P 21.5


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-77627 Purchase Reopen closed and matched purchase order lines
ALUSTA-55887 Spend Plans Notification for recurring invoice and suggestion to create spend plan
ALUSTA-82046 Spend Plans Confirm invoices in manual spend plan matching
ALUSTA-77783 Purchase Export purchasing categories and data to Excel
ALUSTA-80108 Purchase Update purchase order with supplier’s note when supplier accepts or rejects order
ALUSTA-31839 Invoice Automation Search for invoices that included user as discussion recipient
ALUSTA-81894 Invoice Automation Search for spend plans that included user as discussion recipient
ALUSTA-80036 Invoice Automation Workload management - restrict invoice processing to own assigned invoices
ALUSTA-84006 Marketplace Preferred items in Marketplace
ALUSTA-84152 Spend Plans Request manual approval for invoices in spend plan matching
ALUSTA-3974 Purchase Enrich purchase requisition with data imported from an external system
ALUSTA-81333 Purchase Renamed Edge tab from “Purchasing” to “Shop”
ALUSTA-81334 Purchase Renamed Purchase Professional Tools tab from “Requisitions, orders, and receipts” to “Purchase documents”
ALUSTA-82638 Integrations P2P consumer for Projects API version 2
ALUSTA-82086 Marketplace Template delivery items
ALUSTA-84665 Invoice Automation, Purchase Accessibility improvements for personal users
ALUSTA-75353 Purchase Purchase document line details shown in Purchase Professional Tools list view - Coding


P2P 21.4


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-83400 Platform Multiple identity providers supported for SSO
ALUSTA-50474 Purchase In document search, users can find all documents on which they are collaborating
ALUSTA-76462 Invoice Automation Enhanced invoice search in AP Pro
ALUSTA-70243 Purchase Purchase Professional Tools split view - Purchase orders tab
ALUSTA-83697 Invoice Automation, Purchase Accessibility improvements for personal users
ALUSTA-79777 Purchase Integrated shopping experience - Custom delivery address on Summary page
ALUSTA-83229 Marketplace Preferred agreements in Marketplace
ALUSTA-54896 P2P Admin Allow suppliers to have the same bank account numbers for different banks

P2P 21.3


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-77084 Spend Plans Update spend plan sums
ALUSTA-82294 Invoice Automation Skipping enabled to selected automatic activities
ALUSTA-82812 Invoice Automation, Purchase Accessibility improvements for personal users
ALUSTA-82115 Marketplace Tax type and territory selection for agent agreements
ALUSTA-44441 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Foward many invoice header tasks at once
ALUSTA-82074 Marketplace Export catalog content to a Super Content Loader Excel file
ALUSTA-57153 Spend Plans Update coding on spend plans
ALUSTA-55379 Spend Plans Update header data and matching settings for many spend plans at once
ALUSTA-73042 Spend Plans Coding templates in spend plans
ALUSTA-79601 Purchase Unique purchase order numbering format required
ALUSTA-2482 Purchase Hide purchase order price information from suppliers
ALUSTA-57152 Spend Plans Extend validity period for many spend plans at once
ALUSTA-82790 Purchase Integrated shopping experience
ALUSTA-82288 Marketplace Flexible Content Loader available for all administrator buyers and suppliers
ALUSTA-79778 Invoice Automation Informational message for Workplace users to switch to the new Edge/AP Pro user interface
ALUSTA-80064 Config Tool General Data Maintenance tables are now available in Edge Data Management
ALUSTA-23818 P2P Admin Filter user right reports by user validity
ALUSTA-82076 Marketplace Super Content Loader template available in the template directory


P2P 21.2


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-54896 P2P Admin Allow suppliers to have the same bank account numbers for different banks
ALUSTA-64569 Match Orders AP Pro Manual Matching - User can see the highlighted coding lines that are from invoice line when invoice line is selected
ALUSTA-77228 Purchase Correct purchase requisition creation date shown in document search
ALUSTA-79791 Platform Supplier change history only records manual changes
ALUSTA-69790 Purchase Refresh Purchase Professional Tools dashboard information
ALUSTA-68236 Purchase User remain in Purchase Professional Tools list view after copying to draft
ALUSTA-71609 Purchase Edit open purchase orders that contain one or more closed lines
ALUSTA-34770 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Prebook invoices manually
ALUSTA-57131 Spend Plans AP Pro - Create spend plans from invoices
ALUSTA-75351 Purchase Purchase Professional Tools split view - Lines and Attachments tabs
ALUSTA-60433 Match Orders Equal configuration options for setting waiting queues in order matching

P2P 21.1


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-64574 Match Orders AP Pro Manual Matching - Display sum of invoice lines available for matching
ALUSTA-19619 P2P Admin Password policy displayed on the password reset form
ALUSTA-70237 Purchase Purchase Professional Tools split view - Addresses tab
ALUSTA-77195 Purchase Purchasing categories validated after copying existing purchase order or requisition as a draft
ALUSTA-76511 Invoice Automation Forward an invoice task with many current recipients to new recipients
ALUSTA-77185 Purchase Expressions are executed when a new line is added to a purchase requisition
ALUSTA-79866 Spend Plans Spend Plans in Basware P2P
ALUSTA-76498 Purchase Show Basware Network message ID in Basware Network purchase order history entries
ALUSTA-75598 Purchase Data Management - In the Budgets list, only budgets of the enabled type (Dynamic or Manual) are shown
ALUSTA-57642 Spend Plans Data Management - Plan groups for spend plans 

P2P 20.12


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-70242 Purchase Purchase Professional Tools split view - Lines and Budgets tabs
ALUSTA-2928 Invoice Automation AP Pro and power users - Automatically generate invoice image
ALUSTA-73653 Purchase Navigate to payment plans from Procurement
ALUSTA-77562 Invoice Automation AP Pro interface now the default, and enabled by tenant setting
ALUSTA-76797 Purchase Purchase requisition import up to 200 lines
ALUSTA-71540 Purchase Quick navigation among tasks for Edge personal users
ALUSTA-69126 Config Tool Column filters available in Data Management
ALUSTA-48068 P2P Admin Enhanced visibility to login reasons
ALUSTA-76487 Invoice Automation Enter a value outside of the lookup list in AP Pro
ALUSTA-79415 Match Plans Payment plans in AP Pro
ALUSTA-77602 Purchase Editable recipient for SmartOrders when using Order REST API
ALUSTA-78476 Platform Slovak and Lithuanian languages available
ALUSTA-73326 Match Plans Select sum type while requesting payment plans in Edge
ALUSTA-77205 Purchase Reverse all items on goods receipt
ALUSTA-4557 Match Orders Manual Matching - Support for advanced validation using anyERP
ALUSTA-79847 Analytics Basware Analytics Web-edit Documentation
ALUSTA-76001 P2P Admin Application groups in user management
ALUSTA-56195 Purchase Option to notify supplier of changes to Basware Network orders
ALUSTA-42825 Match Orders Manual Matching - Refresh purchase order information

P2P 20.11


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-73009 Purchase Purchase Pro Tools - Copy a purchase order as new draft requisition from the list view
ALUSTA-68262 Purchase Copy purchase order as a new draft requisition
ALUSTA-70383 Purchase Purchase requisition data export using OpenAPI
ALUSTA-78168 Marketplace Support for eCl@ss classification standard
ALUSTA-34785 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Calculate taxes
ALUSTA-75074 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Import automatic coding for invoices
ALUSTA-72729 Match Orders AP Pro - Support for expressions on invoice lines
ALUSTA-70240 Purchase Purchase Professional Tools split view - Discussions, Related documents, and Attachments tabs
ALUSTA-28239 Invoice Automation Manual Matching - View the sum of many selected purchase order or invoice lines
ALUSTA-66767 Invoice Automation Personal manual matching tasks can be completed in Edge
ALUSTA-73113 Purchase Dynamic budget management in Edge
ALUSTA-76237 Purchase Purchase Pro Tools - Copy a requisition as a draft from the list view
ALUSTA-72928 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Send to manual matching
ALUSTA-76859 Purchase Manage EXT_CUST_RESOLVER tables in Data Management
ALUSTA-73768 Marketplace New supplier directory user interface
ALUSTA-70516 Match Orders AP Pro - Support for entity rules when user requests manual approval
ALUSTA-4046 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Accrual reporting for invoices
ALUSTA-71843 Invoice Automation Tools for Super Approvers - AP Pro invoice detail view for semi-professional users

P2P 20.10.1


P2P 20.10


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-75042 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Process-related actions are shown as separate menu items
ALUSTA-72620 Analytics Spend Insights
ALUSTA-73780 Marketplace Super content loader in Product Manager
ALUSTA-73603 Match Orders System approve coding lines
ALUSTA-72711 Analytics Improved Paid On Time KPI breakdown
ALUSTA-34774 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Cancel and resend single invoices
ALUSTA-71879 Purchase Conditional external confirmation before sending purchase order or order updates to supplier
ALUSTA-69835 Invoice Automation External image viewer displays date and time based on region settings for single sign-on users
ALUSTA-73766 Marketplace New way to handle matrices in Product Manager


P2P 20.9


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-64691 Invoice Automation, Purchase Goods receipt detail page includes Related Documents section
ALUSTA-73414 Marketplace New supplier registration user interface
ALUSTA-64422 Invoice Automation Improved lookup list usability on invoice header data and coding
ALUSTA-25269 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Edit organization and invoice type during invoice processing
ALUSTA-68517 Purchase Purchase Professional Tools split view - Header tab
ALUSTA-66882 Order Matching, Purchase Prevent matching for closed purchase order lines without receipts
ALUSTA-37976 Match Orders Manual Matching - Enable manual matching for many invoices at once
ALUSTA-70371 Purchase Import goods receipts with OpenAPI
ALUSTA-68234 Purchase Purchase Professional Tools - Renamed “Requisitions and orders” to “Requisitions, orders, and receipts”
ALUSTA-17776 Invoice Automation Import attachments to invoices
ALUSTA-43445 Config Tool EXT table support in Edge Data Management
ALUSTA-46453 Match Orders Manual Matching - Automatic row approval for matches without deviations
ALUSTA-70320 Purchase Import purchase orders with OpenAPI
ALUSTA-73240 Purchase Goods receipt Related Documents includes other associated goods receipts
ALUSTA-54872 Purchase Purchase document layout improvements
ALUSTA-68525 Invoice Automation Invoice’s Related Documents section links to purchase requisitions and orders
ALUSTA-38417 Match Orders Manual Matching - Subsequent debits/credits
ALUSTA-60194 Purchase Purchase document discussions included in daily summary emails
ALUSTA-71523 Invoice Automation One-action-only improvement across workflow activities
ALUSTA-72847 Invoice Automation AP Pro - User interface text overrides
ALUSTA-73207 Invoice Automation Enhanced reporting on invoice changes
ALUSTA-34786 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Update header data for many invoices at once
ALUSTA-45608 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Import coding for up to 2000 rows
ALUSTA-68786 Purchase Prevent reviewers from also approving in purchase requisition workflow

P2P 20.8


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-71087 Purchase Purchase document header and line details shown on Purchase Professional Tools list view - Order management actions
ALUSTA-72120 Purchase Show HTTP error response details for purchase professional users
ALUSTA-72642 Purchase Changed by supplier" tasks pending since release 20.3 automatically rejected
ALUSTA-64747 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Invoice locking enhancement
ALUSTA-69588 Purchase Allow purchase order editing while order is in ‘Sending failed’ state
ALUSTA-67438 Invoice Automation Quick navigation in Edge personal between Invoices and Payment plans
ALUSTA-70069 Integrations P2P changes for OAPI-188: Open API support for data1 and data2 fields on supplier bank accounts
ALUSTA-72727 Invoice Automation Refactoring CT-> Matching results-> Invoice details section
ALUSTA-61724 Purchase Purchase orders that were not successfully created should be shown in Edge
ALUSTA-73438 Marketplace Flexible content loader, custom mappings
ALUSTA-70799 Purchase Adapting order management process to purchase order format in Purchase Pro Tool
ALUSTA-73459 Marketplace Enhanced buyer managed content, approvals for agent agreements
ALUSTA-73457 Marketplace Template directory for flexible content loader

P2P 20.6


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-66247 Purchase Configure visibility of requestor actions for free-text forms and Your Requisition page
ALUSTA-70895 Marketplace Item templates for buyer-managed content
ALUSTA-66473 Marketplace New Marketplace user interface
ALUSTA-72071 Marketplace Stock information and stock location - automation
ALUSTA-68459 Match Orders AP Pro Manual Matching - Export matching results to Excel
ALUSTA-71520 Purchase Workflow data shown in split view in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-72073 Marketplace Flexible content loader - support for all system mappings
ALUSTA-68215 Purchase Import maximum of 200 purchase order lines
ALUSTA-67250 Purchase Export purchase order and goods receipt data to OpenAPI
ALUSTA-68831 Purchase Purchase Pro Tools - purchase order actions from list view
ALUSTA-66607 Marketplace Upload stock levels and locations for buyer-managed content
ALUSTA-69683 Invoice Automation AP Pro - search invoices by payment status
ALUSTA-68456 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Organization picker enhancements
ALUSTA-72125 Marketplace Automation in the flexible content loader
ALUSTA-70897 Marketplace Checkout forms

P2P 20.5.1


P2P 20.5


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-64434 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Link invoices directly from invoice list
ALUSTA-68301 Purchase Order response handling aligned for different purchase order states
ALUSTA-66241 Match Orders Automatically unmatch invoices in post-matching
ALUSTA-38426 Match Orders Manual Matching - Request approval for invoice
ALUSTA-66389 Invoice Automation Find and act on invoices in automatic processes
ALUSTA-46643 Match Orders Manual Matching - Import and export invoice lines
ALUSTA-69821 Purchase Improved handling of tax category and percents from order responses
ALUSTA-68734 Match Orders Manual Matching - Invoice lines show available sum and quantity to match
ALUSTA-27384 Invoice Automation Prebook invoices using OpenAPI
ALUSTA-68800 Match Orders Manual Matching - Basic purchase order search criteria is saved for next searches
ALUSTA-63055 Purchase Combine “Status” and “Sub-status” as one document status field in purchase requisition
ALUSTA-67670 Purchase Improved handling of failed interactions between buyer and supplier
ALUSTA-68943 Purchase Marketplace handles both tax category and tax percent from PEPPOL/EHF catalogs
ALUSTA-63056 Purchase Receive suppliers’ accept/reject responses for PEPPOL and EHF orders
ALUSTA-58745 Purchase Split requisition to unique purchase orders based on delivery address
ALUSTA-68858 Purchase Order response from supplier can divide one purchase order line to several lines
ALUSTA-68942 Purchase Recognition for Marketplace suppliers with identifiers other than DUNS
ALUSTA-65539 Purchase Purchase order responses with backorder quantities
ALUSTA-62021 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Timestamps in user’s local time, not UTC
ALUSTA-56120 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Handling time of pending tasks is displayed
ALUSTA-65537 Purchase Suppliers can change purchase order line content in PEPPOL order responses
ALUSTA-67396 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Indication of duplicate invoices in list view
ALUSTA-65078 Purchase Notification if timeout occurs during purchase documents search
ALUSTA-68276 Marketplace Enhanced Buyer Managed Content in Product Manager


P2P 20.4


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-4735 Match Orders AP Pro Manual Matching - Support for invoice lines
ALUSTA-67239 Purchase Contract number set at header level for emailed purchase orders
ALUSTA-62978 Purchase Send PEPPOL BIS 3.0 orders using REST API
ALUSTA-62188 Match Orders AP Pro Manual Matching - Big Data support for purchase order search
ALUSTA-61000 Purchase Free-text form management UI renewal
ALUSTA-65536 Purchase Improved handling of supplier changes received in order response
ALUSTA-52390 Match Orders Prevent overlapping order updates
ALUSTA-65527 Invoice Automation Tasks view - Show last comment on invoices and payment plans
ALUSTA-60542 Purchase Delete previous versions of contracts when using OpenAPI import
ALUSTA-44439 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Contact task recipients for many invoices at once using a batch action
ALUSTA-60183 Match Orders Create parent/child relationships for purchase orders
ALUSTA-44448 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Remove invoices using a batch action
ALUSTA-65886 P2P Admin Administration of order type and party identifiers in P2P when using REST API
ALUSTA-64034 Invoice Automation Workload management
ALUSTA-68693 Analytics Invoicing Environmental Impact Analysis
ALUSTA-63025 Invoice Automation AP Pro - Recently used values available when picking recipients

P2P 20.3


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-67209 Invoice Automation Set pre-defined delay for invoice processing
ALUSTA-63563 Generic Set the visibility of the home page’s “Do you want to learn more?” section
ALUSTA-44404 Invoice Automation Send many invoices to process at once
ALUSTA-68287 Marketplace New Loader Functionality
ALUSTA-63887 Invoice Automation Display “Last Comment” column in invoice list
ALUSTA-67300 Platform Invoice image security update
ALUSTA-64148 Invoice Automation Invoices with only “Recipient missing” task removed from “Pending task” category
ALUSTA-44444 Invoice Automation Cancel processes for many invoices at once
ALUSTA-44445 Invoice Automation Cancel and resend to process for many invoices at once
ALUSTA-64770 Invoice Automation Show invoice header data fields in three columns
ALUSTA-63886 Invoice Automation Floating supplier dialog box in the AP Pro interface

P2P 20.2


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-64716 Match Orders Open many invoices as a batch
ALUSTA-62191 Purchase Manage Manual Budgets
ALUSTA-55165 Purchase Purchase order document search enhancements
ALUSTA-63937 Match Orders Import and match linked purchase orders to invoices
ALUSTA-64552 Invoice Automation Advanced validation enhancements
ALUSTA-48972 Purchase Complete actions on purchase requisitions with warnings
ALUSTA-62818 Purchase Duplicate external webshops in Data Management

P2P 20.1


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-63223 Purchase Set user of Restricted or Simplified Basware Purchase rights as goods receiver to contact
ALUSTA-66075 Invoice Automation AP Pro release
ALUSTA-63442 Purchase Configurable Purchase Professional Tools list views
ALUSTA-62640 Invoice Automation Confirmation before user edits invoice that is open in another tab or session
ALUSTA-55987 Invoice Automation Custom field names retained for coding rows when exported to Excel
ALUSTA-60834 Analytics Enhanced KPI logic and improved time filters
ALUSTA-53974 Match Plans Remove hard-coded calculations in payment plan matching
ALUSTA-64611 Invoice Automation See recently used values for AP Pro header data and coding lookup lists
ALUSTA-61848 Invoice Automation Groups not visible in AP Pro
ALUSTA-62406 Invoice Automation Refresh for invoices in automatic process state
ALUSTA-44447 Invoice Automation Comment on many invoices as a batch action
ALUSTA-61429 Invoice Automation System retains filters, sorting, grouping, and pivoting when user navigates from invoice details to list view

P2P 19.12


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-60675 P2P Admin, Purchase Add simplified and restricted Basware Purchase users as group goods receivers
ALUSTA-57363 Platform Access Basware P2P in multiple browsers or devices simultaneously
ALUSTA-47816 Purchase Manage purchasing categories in Edge
ALUSTA-53058 Purchase Add and delete attachments on purchase orders
ALUSTA-63197 Invoice Automation Have “Action required by only one of the recipients” selected by default
ALUSTA-50553 Invoice Automation Forward pending Invoice tasks to backup person at start of backup period
ALUSTA-49934 Purchase Migrate historical purchase orders to view in Edge
ALUSTA-39045 Purchase Send SmartOrder purchase orders to suppliers through Basware Portal
ALUSTA-53910 Purchase Add external attachments to free-text forms
ALUSTA-58608 Purchase Import purchase requisitions with OpenAPI
ALUSTA-47818 Purchase Manage cross-references in Edge
ALUSTA-50552 Purchase View and complete tasks sent to backup user
ALUSTA-62168 Purchase Open documents from Purchase Professional Tools in new browser tabs or windows
ALUSTA-51167 Purchase Search for contracts from Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-53056 Purchase Add, copy, and delete purchase order lines
ALUSTA-60325 Purchase Forward pending Purchase tasks to backup person at start of backup period

P2P 19.11


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-58655 Purchase Forward one or more tasks from Purchase Professional Tools list view
ALUSTA-61172 Purchase Group, aggregate and pivot data in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-50736 Purchase Edit partly and fully received purchase orders
ALUSTA-61001 Invoice Automation Forward invoice tasks as a batch action and forward tasks to groups

P2P 19.10


Internal ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-57711 Purchase More detailed purchase requisition and goods receiving history entries
ALUSTA-56703 Invoice Automation Invoice image viewer with pagination
ALUSTA-51704 Platform Improved Edge experience when using multiple browser tabs
ALUSTA-7934 Purchase Perform batch actions on purchase requisitions in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-56536 Analytics Additional Paid on Time KPI categories
ALUSTA-56701 Purchase Improved decimal field display in free-text forms
ALUSTA-33726 Purchase Set default values for category code and attaching PDF file to purchase order XML
ALUSTA-50461 Purchase Simplified and restricted Basware Purchase

P2P 19.9


Internal Id Module Feature
ALUSTA-47817 Purchase Purchase document numbering data management in Edge
ALUSTA-41568 Invoice Automation Show more tasks on the task list by default
ALUSTA-53291 Purchase Define mapping for external webshops’ OCI inbound fields in Edge
ALUSTA-54892 Purchase Select goods receivers by groups
ALUSTA-45092 Invoice Automation Change current task recipient for an invoice coding line
ALUSTA-50625 Purchase Add refund lines to purchase documents
ALUSTA-2463 Purchase Receive goods by sum or percentage
ALUSTA-49363 Purchase Period or comma decimal separator allowed on all browsers for Edge personal screens
ALUSTA-45093 Invoice Automation Set user as row approver despite the priority for a coding row created or modified by the user
ALUSTA-37072 Match Orders Automatic matching can use order number or delivery note number from invoice line details
ALUSTA-49338 Purchase Execute header level expressions after changes in line details
ALUSTA-4022 Purchase Assign reopened goods receipt task to backup user
ALUSTA-54831 Purchase Renamed user right “Review validity of purchase requisitions” to “Validate and finalize purchase requisitions”
ALUSTA-44375 Invoice Automation P2P language support - Russian
ALUSTA-50564 Purchase View change details in purchase requisition and purchase order history
ALUSTA-49772 Invoice Automation Configure NUM fields as check boxes in Edge personal interface
ALUSTA-52992 Invoice Automation Numeric input in Edge personal mode

P2P 19.8


ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-9845 Purchase Goods receiving tasks with multiple recipients
ALUSTA-44527 Purchase Copying selected coding field values from a purchase order line to selected target lines in Edge
ALUSTA-55512 Purchase Selecting goods receiver in “Get approval” dialog in Edge
ALUSTA-47814 Purchase Free-text form data management in Edge
ALUSTA-53005 Purchase Configurable behavior when copying purchase requisition
ALUSTA-53979 Analytics Semi-responsive user interface with centered iFrame
ALUSTA-52290 Purchase Purchase requisition and purchase order data import with supplier email address
ALUSTA-48462 Purchase Editing confirmed XML purchase orders in Edge
ALUSTA-52463 Purchase “Last comment” to purchase orders’ list view in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-53126 Invoice Automation Releasing invoices from dynamic discount process
ALUSTA-55452 Invoice Automation Automatic coding difference distribution enhancement part 1
ALUSTA-53433 Purchase Contract metadata import via OpenAPI in Purchase
ALUSTA-54280 Purchase Copy coding on a purchase requisition for professional users in Edge
ALUSTA-28106 Match Orders All possible invoice lines matched automatically when the order is only partly received
ALUSTA-53427 Analytics Tableau Upgrade to 2018.2
ALUSTA-21984 Match Orders Additional cost enhancements
ALUSTA-40848 Invoice Automation Email functionality related to disputing invoices has been changed
ALUSTA-49986 Purchase Copy as draft action in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-51626 Purchase Removal of all references to Workplace tasks from Edge

P2P 19.6


ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-45353 Purchase Hiding reverse action from a goods receipt if an invoice has been matched to it
ALUSTA-50919 Purchase Handling purchase orders where sending failed due to unreachable email server
ALUSTA-18500 Match Orders Validation rule for payment term
ALUSTA-51490 Purchase Control state into use in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-52979 Purchase Receiving goods for other users from purchase order in Edge
ALUSTA-49537 Purchase Purchase document links from the export XML file
ALUSTA-34955 Match Orders Total invoice difference validation rule
ALUSTA-47812 Purchase External webshop data management in Edge
ALUSTA-4396 Purchase Purchase Edge document search enhancements - purchase requisitions
ALUSTA-51367 Purchase Improvements to Attachments and Related documents panels in Edge
ALUSTA-50242 Invoice Automation Alusta changes to Dynamic discounting support in P2P
ALUSTA-48282 Purchase Contract search and view in Edge

P2P 19.5


ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-41349 Purchase Custom external links on the Home and Purchasing Search pages in Edge
ALUSTA-9768 Purchase More timely triggering of goods receipt task notification emails
ALUSTA-27855 Purchase Automatic task escalation after defined time period
ALUSTA-48490 Purchase Purchase requisition external approval authorization
ALUSTA-51527 Purchase anyERP returns a list of users when forwarding and changing approver
ALUSTA-42499 Invoice Automation More descriptive error messages if approval from email fails
ALUSTA-45489 Purchase Purchase Professional Tools' list view upgrade
ALUSTA-48504 Purchase Guided purchasing in Purchasing > Search page
ALUSTA-11826 Invoice Automation Disable automatic invoice transfer - phase 1
ALUSTA-50733 Purchase Edit own purchase orders in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-22468 Match Orders Waiting goods receipts when referenced order number or delivery note reference is not found

P2P 19.4


ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-49442 Purchase Receiving goods in Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-48702 Purchase Editing of gross price in orders in Edge
ALUSTA-46499 Purchase Professional user’s review actions in purchase requisition details view in Edge
ALUSTA-25413 Purchase Copying selected coding field values from a purchase requisition line to selected target lines in Edge
ALUSTA-47674 Purchase Retaining free-text form field values after clicking on ‘Add to requisition’ button
ALUSTA-42498 Invoice Automation Email approval - email indicates when no coding has been added yet
ALUSTA-34931 Match Orders Matching results in Edge
ALUSTA-26172 Platform Configurable session timeout
ALUSTA-48694 Purchase Editing of coding in purchase orders until order is closed in Edge

P2P 19.3


ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-44947 Invoice Automation More efficient coding
ALUSTA-44528 Purchase Split coding and adjust split percentages in purchase orders in Edge
ALUSTA-46921 Purchase Improved attachment handling in Purchase in Edge
ALUSTA-15239 Purchase Purchase requisition’s line-level setting “Receive goods automatically” in Edge
ALUSTA-40951 Purchase Cancel purchase requisition in post-draft phases in Edge
ALUSTA-38608 Purchase Supplier address and ABN field available in Purchase documents’ supplier picker
ALUSTA-48627 Purchase Supplier changes to a ”Received” XML order are not ignored
ALUSTA-48764 Purchase Goods receipts document details view to Purchase Professional Tools
ALUSTA-28613 Purchase Enhanced validation messages in Purchase in Edge
ALUSTA-38130 Purchase Professional user’s finalize actions in purchase requisition details view in Edge
ALUSTA-34797 Purchase Purpose and requisition owner visible in task list for purchasing tasks in Edge
ALUSTA-50893 Purchase Self-service order in Edge
ALUSTA-46335 Purchase Enrich requisition on Edge document creation
ALUSTA-43882 Invoice Automation Automatic coding difference distribution
ALUSTA-40084 Purchase Manual budget view and selection in Purchase in Edge
ALUSTA-38129 Purchase Professional user’s exception handling actions and action to manage pending approval tasks in purchase requisition details view in Edge

P2P 19.2


ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-2297 Invoice Automation Automatic coding template enhancements
ALUSTA-48547 Analytics Invoice counts as part of exceptions dashboard
ALUSTA-48546 Analytics Invoice details in Supplier Spend
ALUSTA-47387 Purchase Purchase requisition owner shown on the goods receipt document
ALUSTA-48565 Analytics Supplier class as part of the Spend dashboard
ALUSTA-45343 Analytics AP Performance Dashboard
ALUSTA-46621 Purchase Enable resending of email order if sending has failed earlier
ALUSTA-44525 Purchase Editing purchase order header in Edge
ALUSTA-10124 Purchase Professional users’ purchase order editing and actions in Edge
ALUSTA-46314 Analytics AP Productivity Dashboard
ALUSTA-9888 Purchase Purchase’s informative notification emails about requisition actions
ALUSTA-44590 Purchase Purchase requisition data enrichment during approval process

P2P 19.1


ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-38992 Invoice Automation Enhance the getting started
ALUSTA-44526 Purchase Add and delete purchase order cost line in Edge
ALUSTA-44529 Purchase Dynamic budgets in purchase orders in Edge
ALUSTA-38085 Purchase Organization-specific purchase requisition and purchase order entity configurations in Edge

P2P 18.12


ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-43144 Purchase Email purchase order line data and address editing and supplier and buyer changes in Edge
ALUSTA-28081 Invoice Automation User role for Cancel and Resend for processed invoices
ALUSTA-21377 Match Orders Best-fit recognition methods for invoices with line details
ALUSTA-44047 Invoice Automation P2P language support - Portuguese (European)
ALUSTA-42063 Purchase Selection of using Edge or WP configuration in validation point
ALUSTA-45160 Purchase XML purchase orders: Accepting supplier changes in Edge
ALUSTA-5713 Purchase Professional user’s header level purchase requisition details view basic actions in Edge

P2P 18.11


ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-43545 Purchase Edit coding in purchase orders in Edge
ALUSTA-18453 Match Orders Support for error/warning setting for association validation rules
ALUSTA-41082 Purchase Edit line level delivery address in approval, finalize, and review phases in Edge
ALUSTA-27984 Platform Enhanced user experience for session timeout and logout
ALUSTA-18704 Platform Scheduler task execution control
ALUSTA-33559 Purchase Adding purchase requisition line in Edge

P2P 18.10


ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-33784 Purchase Navigation to related documents in Purchase Edge
ALUSTA-36405 Invoice Automation Differences in the coding panel
ALUSTA-44062 Invoice Automation P2P language support - Estonian
ALUSTA-36510 Purchase Collaboration for purchase orders
ALUSTA-32183 Purchase Purchase requisition allocation split in Edge
ALUSTA-347 Purchase Making requisition on behalf of other user in Edge
ALUSTA-5539 Purchase Export list of purchase documents to Excel from the Documents search in Edge
ALUSTA-34140 Purchase Edge order management: Show supplier changes read only in order search details and task
ALUSTA-43463 Match Orders Faster goods receipt search using restricted search criteria
ALUSTA-32198 Purchase Show dynamic budget allocation in purchase requisitions in Edge
ALUSTA-19051 Invoice Automation Recipient selection search support for middle initials
ALUSTA-43257 Invoice Automation Automatic fill up coding difference sum
ALUSTA-25040 Invoice Automation Hyperlink field support
ALUSTA-31960 Purchase Personal users’ purchase order tasks in Edge

P2P 18.9


ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-41307 Analytics Committed Spend: Web-edit Datasource
ALUSTA-36997 P2P Admin Access reason user interface
ALUSTA-19260 Purchase Copying purchase requisition in Edge
ALUSTA-41747 P2P Admin Change Inheritance Tool tip for User group and User Roles page to explain the exact functionality.
ALUSTA-34625 Analytics Committed Spend - Overview
ALUSTA-39144 Analytics Tableau upgrade to 10.5.3
ALUSTA-5405 Purchase Review task with editing data on purchase requisition review phase in Edge
ALUSTA-33388 P2P Admin Fix lookup lists which are not working on Oracle Environment.
ALUSTA-31029 Purchase Marketplace as a new product type
ALUSTA-348 Purchase Create requisition to other organization in Edge
ALUSTA-40577 Invoice Automation Copy invoice
ALUSTA-31959 Purchase Personal users’ line level purchase order actions and history in details view in Edge
ALUSTA-41031 Purchase Task executing actions from Search Details
ALUSTA-36651 P2P Admin Basware users excluded from user selection lists
ALUSTA-24197 Invoice Automation Cross currency matching support
ALUSTA-28563 Purchase Deleting purchase requisition line in draft phase in Edge
ALUSTA-18879 Purchase Goods receipt data import
ALUSTA-30960 Analytics Row level task users to be added to Coding row main data source

P2P 18.8


ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-38238 Purchase Personal users’ header level purchase order executing actions in read-only details view in Edge
ALUSTA-27554 Invoice Automation Multi-select coding rows
ALUSTA-37123 Match Orders Bypass updating order number references in invoice header at the time of matching
ALUSTA-35218 P2P Admin Create Basware user accounts in inactive state
ALUSTA-5420 Purchase Finalize task with editing data on purchase requisition finalize phase in Edge
ALUSTA-19997 P2P Admin Basware users’ identification string
ALUSTA-22681 Purchase Recalling and reusing a purchase requisition in Edge
ALUSTA-33476 Purchase Home page guided purchasing in Edge
ALUSTA-36543 Invoice Automation Quick search in row approval recipient list when advanced user rights in use
ALUSTA-34138 Purchase Purchase order line details read-only view in Edge
ALUSTA-36569 Platform Enhanced UX for image conversion failures

P2P 18.6


ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-18007 Purchase Purchase order data import
ALUSTA-1146 Purchase Free-text form attachments in Edge
ALUSTA-31458 Match Plans Recurrence button on matched payment schedule line
ALUSTA-27751 Purchase Editing data on Header panel in draft and approval phases in Edge
ALUSTA-34400 Invoice Automation Sort and filter the task list
ALUSTA-5915 Invoice Automation Absolute approval limit
ALUSTA-37601 Purchase Show invoice address details in Edge
ALUSTA-16823 Purchase Free-text form’s configuration to support a form specific image usable in Edge
ALUSTA-29565 Purchase Import existing FTF from WP to Edge
ALUSTA-38627 Purchase Copy purchase requisition coding from a line to all other lines in Edge
ALUSTA-37122 Purchase Show and edit coding in purchase requisition header level in Edge
ALUSTA-34385 Purchase Custom delivery addresses to FTF in Edge
ALUSTA-27835 Purchase Editing data on Purchase orders panel and changing goods receiver in Edge

P2P 18.5

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-32746 Invoice Automation Activate smart coding automatically
ALUSTA-40052 Match Orders Disable dynamic automatic matching when a new goods receipt arrives
ALUSTA-37528 Purchase Show more detailed information on the tax code lookup list in free-text form in Edge
ALUSTA-35121 Invoice Automation Personal smart coding parameter
ALUSTA-34444 Invoice Automation Enhanced editability of Purchase order and Delivery note fields
ALUSTA-39065 Invoice Automation Additional search criteria for Historical table
ALUSTA-34940 Invoice Automation Purchase order number and delivery notes available in Update Header Data functionality
ALUSTA-21376 Match Orders Manual matching support for business users
ALUSTA-42483 Invoice Automation Organization mandatory
ALUSTA-25110 Purchase Receiving more than ordered in Edge
ALUSTA-5403 Purchase View my purchase requisition on the details view in Edge
ALUSTA-36511 Purchase Edge search order details: Workflow panel and order history
ALUSTA-30089 Invoice Automation Organization is mandatory in search
ALUSTA-38341 Analytics Payment plan example dashboards - header data
ALUSTA-34195 Analytics Additional timeframes in Analytics
ALUSTA-31954 Purchase Personal users’ header level purchase order actions(read-only) in details view in Edge
ALUSTA-35215 Invoice Automation Copy invoice
ALUSTA-35510 Purchase Organization-specific link to TEM in Edge UI top-level navigation
ALUSTA-36087 Match Plans Define many approvers and reviewers to a payment plan

P2P 18.4

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-5475 Purchase Personal users’ purchase order search in Edge
ALUSTA-32486 Purchase Editable delivery address field in purchase requisition line in Edge
ALUSTA-36815 Invoice Automation Support for Japanese language
ALUSTA-33335 Purchase Improved editing of combined “Line data” and “Pricing” panels in Edge
ALUSTA-31953 Purchase Personal users’ purchase order details (header data and line) view in Edge
ALUSTA-31987 Invoice Automation Flag the notifications
ALUSTA-26801 Purchase Desired delivery period in Get approval dialog in Edge
ALUSTA-24737 Invoice Automation More fields shown in the coding row summary
ALUSTA-17420 Invoice Automation Search with dimensions
ALUSTA-32600 Invoice Automation Possibility for the user to add the rest of the difference to a coding row
ALUSTA-1125 Match Plans Create payment plan from an invoice in Professional mode
ALUSTA-34390 Invoice Automation Historical invoices in smart coding

P2P 18.3

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-31213 Match Plans Increase number of created scheduled lines to 250 in Workplace
ALUSTA-29470 Invoice Automation Document type filter in the Notification center
ALUSTA-34078 Config Tool Improved screen configuration for Line data panel in Edge
ALUSTA-20795 P2P Admin Login reason for Operator users
ALUSTA-5877 Match Plans Reviewer and approver in payment plan
ALUSTA-33665 Invoice Automation Workflow panel enhancements
ALUSTA-31986 Invoice Automation Mark single notification as unread
ALUSTA-32394 Purchase Set invoicing address the same as delivery address in Edge
ALUSTA-31988 Invoice Automation New icon for the discussions in the list pages
ALUSTA-29469 Invoice Automation Mark all as read for the notifications
ALUSTA-33232 Match Plans Perform actions in payment plan details view in Documents tab
ALUSTA-24198 Match Orders Many PO row distribution support for subsequent documents

P2P 18.2

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-27670 Purchase Combine Line data and Pricing panels and enable editing in it in draft and approval phases in Edge
ALUSTA-23087 Purchase Home page in Edge
ALUSTA-33646 Purchase Search page renamed to Documents
ALUSTA-30891 Invoice Automation Selection list enhancements
ALUSTA-25615 Match Orders Qty * unit price validation rule for goods receipts
ALUSTA-3439 Invoice Automation Save invoice as PDF in Edge
ALUSTA-3096 Purchase Send imported purchase requisition automatically to process
ALUSTA-3521 Match Plans Recurring invoice recognition in Edge
ALUSTA-3493 Match Plans Maintain payment plan attachments in Edge
ALUSTA-30426 Purchase Budget enhancements
ALUSTA-21597 Match Orders Matching with goods receipt unit price
ALUSTA-26490 Analytics Product related information as part of purchase order line webedit data sources
ALUSTA-27557 Invoice Automation Smart coding enhancement
ALUSTA-30050 Analytics Improvements to Supplier Spend
ALUSTA-10483 Invoice Automation Prebook invoice in Edge

P2P 18.1

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-24294 Invoice Automation Collaboration available for Payment plans
ALUSTA-24159 Invoice Automation Link to Basware Analytics in Edge
ALUSTA-27448 Invoice Automation Duplicate coding row
ALUSTA-29716 Invoice Automation Document type filters on the task list
ALUSTA-32142 Invoice Automation View PDF images with PDF tools when opening to another window
ALUSTA-25251 Invoice Automation Organization name available on the task list
ALUSTA-12228 Invoice Automation Sort search results in Edge
ALUSTA-30655 P2P Admin Scheduler exclusion time period

P2P 17.12

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-18639 Purchase Discussions available for purchase requisitions and goods receipts in Edge
ALUSTA-24678 Purchase Purchase order notifications for supplier responses
ALUSTA-3440 Match Plans Request payment plan support in Edge
ALUSTA-6844 Match Orders 2-way association validation rule
ALUSTA-19450 Invoice Automation Import coding from spreadsheet in Edge
ALUSTA-17543 Purchase Budget approval in requisition process
ALUSTA-29698 Invoice Automation View P2P purchase order details when an order is linked with an invoice in related documents
ALUSTA-26123 Purchase Editable delivery address field in purchase requisition header in Edge
ALUSTA-24372 Match Plans Search payment plans in Edge
ALUSTA-17544 Purchase Budget management history
ALUSTA-22517 Invoice Automation Export coding to spreadsheet in Edge
ALUSTA-21462 Match Orders Automatic recipient selection from manual matching
ALUSTA-18456 Match Orders All invoices in manual matching activity are visible in the Matching view
ALUSTA-27952 Invoice Automation Delete all coding rows in Edge
ALUSTA-6625 Match Orders Optional comment when invoice is moved to approval from manual matching
ALUSTA-17876 Match Orders Select one action only for request manual approval in the Matching view
ALUSTA-21476 Match Orders All best-fit recognition rules work with purchase order lines where goods receipt is required
ALUSTA-18153 Purchase Supplier and category criteria to manual budgets
ALUSTA-30733 Purchase Attachment to GR task with several delivery addresses in Edge

P2P 17.11

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-22442 Analytics Supplier Quality dashboard
ALUSTA-17546 Purchase Organization-specific budgets
ALUSTA-27867 Purchase Budget default coding fields populated in purchase requisition lines
ALUSTA-18464 Invoice Automation Disable automatic invoice loading for big customers
ALUSTA-5787 Match Orders Support for unlimited number of purchase order references in matching
ALUSTA-30197 Analytics Tableau server upgrade to 10.3.2
ALUSTA-26616 Invoice Automation User settings - passwords settings
ALUSTA-26613 Invoice Automation User settings - set default approver
ALUSTA-26886 Purchase Search PR and GR documents in Edge
ALUSTA-28258 Invoice Automation Image handling in mobile
ALUSTA-17545 Purchase Budget users with manual budget selection in purchase requisition
ALUSTA-11596 Invoice Automation Enhanced advanced validation support
ALUSTA-27977 Purchase Standard purchase order PDF template settings allow content copying
ALUSTA-27893 Invoice Automation User settings - notification emails
ALUSTA-26617 Invoice Automation User settings - region and language settings
ALUSTA-24675 Purchase Receive counter offer with replacement item (Peppol)
ALUSTA-13677 Purchase Buyer can view from P2P order history if XML order sending has succeeded

P2P 17.10

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-27533 Platform abcPDF release upgrade
ALUSTA-24860 Invoice Automation Add icon and document type to details pages too
ALUSTA-25621 Config Tool New user right added to get “Customize Purchase Order PDF” visible in Configuration Tool
ALUSTA-24677 Purchase Receive counter offer with tax changes (Peppol)
ALUSTA-28417 Invoice Automation Check box support in Edge
ALUSTA-21785 Purchase "Document number not reset at year change" setting
ALUSTA-15525 Match Orders Dynamic launch of matching event when a new goods receipt arrives
ALUSTA-24674 Purchase Receive counter offer with delivery period changes (Peppol)
ALUSTA-24676 Purchase Receive counter offer with price changes (Peppol)
ALUSTA-24594 Purchase Using name of the quantity unit instead of standard’s common code in Edge
ALUSTA-5535 Purchase Add attachment to purchase requisition header and line on detail views when approving or creating a new purchase in Edge
ALUSTA-24673 Purchase Receive counter offer with quantity changes (Peppol)

P2P 17.9

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-18154 Purchase Receive order confirmation from Peppol network
ALUSTA-3228 Purchase Purchase requisition data import
ALUSTA-25929 Match Plans Send an email notification to supplier about schedule-based and budget-based payment plan
ALUSTA-3379 Invoice Automation Return to previous user action in Edge
ALUSTA-24672 Purchase Receive order rejection with reason for rejection from Peppol network
ALUSTA-24175 Purchase Create PEPPOL BIS XML Order for EHF supplier
ALUSTA-11098 Purchase Search Marketplace, free-text forms, and external webshops in Edge Shop
ALUSTA-19275 Invoice Automation Receive announcement notifications in Edge
ALUSTA-25913 Match Plans Support for association rules in manual payment plan matching
ALUSTA-22221 Match Orders Matching a closed purchase order line with quantity that exceeds the available quantity to match
ALUSTA-17112 Purchase Create XML order with identifiers for EHF or standard XML supplier
ALUSTA-24571 Purchase Supplier and delivery panel to PR on draft, confirm and approval in Edge
ALUSTA-10123 Purchase Self-approve action in Edge
ALUSTA-18427 Match Orders View purchase order related information from the invoice details view
ALUSTA-19274 Invoice Automation Notification widget and Notification center
ALUSTA-3325 Invoice Automation Personalized view settings
ALUSTA-24550 Purchase XML order cancellation enhancements
ALUSTA-24204 Match Plans Create new payment schedule/self-billing/budget rows as a batch action
ALUSTA-26658 Purchase Showing company code and name on Your requisition list in Edge
ALUSTA-23150 Purchase Detailed information to goods receipt task in Edge
ALUSTA-12177 Invoice Automation Search support for invoices in historical status

P2P 17.8

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-22961 Purchase Backup person support for purchase order approval workflow tasks
ALUSTA-27794 Match Orders Match invoice using invoice line details when the lines are created by best-fit recognition methods
ALUSTA-24639 Invoice Automation Edit recipients - UI enhancement in Edge
ALUSTA-5664 Invoice Automation Bank account details imported from invoice
ALUSTA-24728 Platform Alusta cookie note
ALUSTA-24636 Match Plans Next approver fetched after failed payment plan matching
ALUSTA-8481 Match Orders Matching stores coding details it has created to the invoice history
ALUSTA-22998 Invoice Automation Exclude users from performing an invoice task twice in the process
ALUSTA-16947 Match Orders Change invoice line type from additional cost back to normal invoice line
ALUSTA-887 Match Plans Create budget-based plan with net sums
ALUSTA-24717 Invoice Automation Number of characters in discussions and comments is extended from 250 to 1 000 characters in Edge
ALUSTA-22226 Purchase Define delivery period on the requisition and send it on the XML order

P2P 17.6

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-20223 Match Orders Matching invoice with standalone return goods receipts
ALUSTA-18286 Invoice Automation Enhanced workflow panel for Invoice details
ALUSTA-5480 Purchase Fill in delivery details when receiving goods in Edge
ALUSTA-24389 Purchase View detail information of purchase requisition draft in Edge
ALUSTA-8724 Platform Session timeout warning
ALUSTA-13824 Purchase Order status takes cost line into account
ALUSTA-17105 Purchase Manage address (Global Location Number and Country) according to PEPPOL BIS on requisition and order
ALUSTA-23826 Match Plans Related documents support for payment plans in Edge
ALUSTA-24669 Purchase Define reason for discount on requisition and order lines
ALUSTA-22960 Purchase Approval workflow for purchase order total increase approving
ALUSTA-23485 Purchase Missing goods receipt notification sent by Purchase
ALUSTA-24292 Invoice Automation Unsaved data warning for collaboration in Edge
ALUSTA-23193 P2P Admin User can be assigned to several user groups from User page and with User import
ALUSTA-19652 Invoice Automation Smart coding
ALUSTA-23344 Match Plans Payment plan details view enhancements in Edge
ALUSTA-20143 Purchase Date and time shown in purchase order PDF based on organization-specific time zone
ALUSTA-10619 Invoice Automation My Settings page with set backup user setting
ALUSTA-23724 Invoice Automation View discussion indications on task list and search page
ALUSTA-23659 Purchase Goods receipt document view in Edge
ALUSTA-24278 Match Plans Matched invoice links in payment plan details view in Edge
ALUSTA-15976 Invoice Automation Duplicate check to historical invoices

P2P 17.5

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-19644 Analytics Analyze invoice risk to be paid late and payment outcome history on AP Financial dashboards
ALUSTA-16012 Match Plans Task list improvements
ALUSTA-3474 Invoice Automation Collaborate on invoice documents in Edge
ALUSTA-15385 Purchase Goods receipt task lines paging in Edge
ALUSTA-19257 Purchase Select unit of measure from the list on free-text form
ALUSTA-5529 Purchase Change next approver to purchase requisition when approving it in Edge
ALUSTA-23931 Invoice Automation Filter out deleted goods receipts in goods receipt search
ALUSTA-5946 Invoice Automation Transfer invoices for many company codes as batch
ALUSTA-22348 Purchase Type serial number when reversing the goods receipt
ALUSTA-12777 Match Orders Show number of items for search results in manual matching
ALUSTA-2445 Purchase Purchase order’s change limit
ALUSTA-3441 Invoice Automation Related documents support in Edge
ALUSTA-22845 Purchase Enhanced workflow panel for Purchase Request and Goods Receipt
ALUSTA-17738 Invoice Automation Document type and name added to the Task list
ALUSTA-23218 Analytics Enable dashboard creation and publish in webedit

P2P 17.4

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-17109 Purchase

Change goods receiver in requisition and show delivery contact person in order

ALUSTA-5936 Invoice Automation Set invoice as confidential during invoice import
ALUSTA-23214 Match Orders More flexibility to handle multiple values in unique constraints for external purchase orders
ALUSTA-22803 Purchase Tenant setting for goods receipt export
ALUSTA-19419 Purchase Edit embedded Marketplace URL in Workplace data management
ALUSTA-18181 Purchase View goods receipt task timeline in Edge
ALUSTA-5935 Invoice Automation Set invoice as confidential
ALUSTA-21857 Invoice Automation Disable info tasks for Edge customer
ALUSTA-21933 Purchase Recreated goods receipt task is assigned to defined goods receiver or backup person

P2P 17.3

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-18833 Purchase “Receive automatically on desired delivery date” as a scheduled task
ALUSTA-2480 Purchase Creating new purchase requisition based on old purchase requisition
ALUSTA-4737 Match Plans Budget-based payment plan full details view in Edge
ALUSTA-19375 Purchase Purchase requisition history page in Edge
ALUSTA-16036 Purchase "Purchase Classification" as a new header level dedicated field in purchase requisition and purchase order
ALUSTA-19711 Purchase Work order fields in free-text forms in Workplace and Edge
ALUSTA-12201 Purchase Dimension-based self-approve in purchase requisition draft view
ALUSTA-17106 Purchase

Select quantity unit / unit of measure from list on requisition

ALUSTA-16625 Invoice Automation Edge landing page
ALUSTA-9674 Purchase Recalling and reusing a purchase requisition
ALUSTA-11263 Purchase GR document to support new line level dedicated fields
ALUSTA-15335 Purchase

Allow second PR approval in backup role

ALUSTA-17107 Purchase Use currency code and mime codes as PEPPOL BIS order data on requisition
ALUSTA-17413 Invoice Automation Edge Invoice enhanced screen configurations
ALUSTA-4738 Match Plans Schedule-based payment plan full details view in Edge
ALUSTA-2485 Purchase Custom PO PDF template to support additional dedicated and custom fields
ALUSTA-11262 Purchase

Buyer product code transferred to PR/PO line in Workplace Shop

ALUSTA-4736 Match Plans Self-billing payment plan full details view in Edge
ALUSTA-19053 Match Orders Automatic company and supplier filter for purchase order search
ALUSTA-7340 Platform Workplace browser support

P2P 17.2

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-15455 Purchase PR and GR task list item displays the last comment/action instead of purpose
ALUSTA-11260 Purchase Workplace Shop to support Buyer product code field
ALUSTA-8378 Invoice Automation, Purchase Change order of action buttons in dialogs
ALUSTA-13975 Invoice Automation Asynchronous actions for large invoices
ALUSTA-5417 Purchase Confirm/reject changes proposed by approver to purchase requisition when user has PR confirm task in Edge
ALUSTA-20161 Purchase New fields to workflow line entity
ALUSTA-18040 Analytics Detailed AP process exceptions
ALUSTA-19460 Invoice Automation Change to the navigation logic
ALUSTA-16437 Invoice Automation, Purchase Dialog title and action button text enhancements in Edge
ALUSTA-4397 Purchase Workplace Shop search to support Buyer and Manufacturer product codes
ALUSTA-15952 Purchase Display approver’s own line count and sum in PR header details line summary panel
ALUSTA-11261 Purchase Mapping of BCatMan “custom” field to Workplace Shop dedicated “Buyer product code” field

P2P 17.1

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-17440 Invoice Automation Add attachment in create invoice in Edge
ALUSTA-12064 Purchase Sort goods receipt tasks based on confirmed delivery date in Edge
ALUSTA-12172 Invoice Automation Search criteria selection
ALUSTA-16745 Invoice Automation Support editable supplier and date fields in invoice header
ALUSTA-12170 Invoice Automation Organization picker in search
ALUSTA-17382 Purchase Address panel to PR line details in Edge

P2P 16.12

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-13284 Match Plans Asynchronous actions for large payment plans
ALUSTA-12389 Purchase Support for additional Purchase variables in email templates
ALUSTA-5422 Purchase Partial goods receiving in Edge
ALUSTA-3378 Invoice Automation Maintain attachments in Edge
ALUSTA-15393 Purchase PR approve task screens in Configuration Tool to support screen configurations in Edge
ALUSTA-9519 Invoice Automation Show user name when invoice forwarded from task manager
ALUSTA-10359 Purchase Increasing the Workplace PR/PO/GR search limitation from 200 to 1000
ALUSTA-15594 Match Orders Enable professional user access when user has rights to manage invoices in order matching
ALUSTA-11680 Purchase Send EHF/PEPPOL BIS XML Order in UBL2.1 format with identified parties
ALUSTA-11679 Purchase My draft requisition has details saved for EHF/PEPPOL BIS Ordering
ALUSTA-16886 Match Orders Best-fit must sum up the total of all referenced purchase orders
ALUSTA-16572 Match Orders Enable line level association only if there is one matching item found
ALUSTA-12316 Purchase Delivery address, invoicing address, and supplier information shown on PR detail views in Edge
ALUSTA-13865 Purchase Create EHF/PEPPOL BIS Order in P2P
ALUSTA-7176 Purchase Marketplace in Edge Shop enhancements
ALUSTA-13870 Purchase Identify product details from inbound OCI punchout message for EHF/PEPPOL BIS Orders and to be shown in shopping basket

P2P 16.10

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-4381 Invoice Automation Search P2P invoice documents in Edge
ALUSTA-15158 Invoice Automation Coding import/export improvements
ALUSTA-13150 Invoice Automation Batch forward support for multiple recipients
ALUSTA-12704 Match Orders Search goods receipts with purchase order number in Manual Matching view
ALUSTA-11780 Purchase Order data export
ALUSTA-10718 Purchase View coding on PR line details in Edge
ALUSTA-5531 Purchase Approval password is required (if enabled) on header level when approving purchase requisition in Edge
ALUSTA-12703 Match Orders Advanced search for purchase order data in Manual Matching with a range of key values
ALUSTA-13704 Match Orders Show sum that is matched with the open invoice on PO item
ALUSTA-13234 Invoice Automation Duplicate invoice check based on only supplier number and invoice number
ALUSTA-3982 Purchase Dimension total check in approval with possibility to share cost

P2P 16.9

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-3410 Invoice Automation View on hold invoice from the task list
ALUSTA-12481 Invoice Automation Link to Knowledge Base in task list view
ALUSTA-9358 Purchase Approval limit used in row approval allocation
ALUSTA-10682 Purchase PR line level actions to PR line details view in Edge
ALUSTA-10458 Purchase Supplier classification defaults and permission code support
ALUSTA-9565 Purchase PR line level actions to PR header details in Edge
ALUSTA-9431 Purchase Support for additional fields in purchasing categories
ALUSTA-11100 Purchase Goods receiving based on purchase order in Workplace
ALUSTA-12072 Purchase Goods receiving based on purchase order in Edge
ALUSTA-9395 Purchase “Goods receipt not required” can be defined for tenant
ALUSTA-3434 Purchase Payment term on order header only
ALUSTA-14462 Platform Remove references to MEF in Silverlight
ALUSTA-3064 Purchase Many row approvals with limit check in PR approval workflow
ALUSTA-13916 Purchase Row approval with dimension total check
ALUSTA-7520 Invoice Automation, Purchase Details page main panel actions shown as icons
ALUSTA-3443 Invoice Automation Review and forward support in Edge
ALUSTA-12263 Purchase When changing purchasing category on requisition, system verifies supplier against new category supplier settings
ALUSTA-6271 Purchase More granular user rights to Shop
ALUSTA-3381 Invoice Automation Dispute an invoice in Edge
ALUSTA-3380 Invoice Automation User group support in recipient selection in Edge Invoice
ALUSTA-13438 Invoice Automation Associating subsequest invoice against Framework or Service PO
ALUSTA-12411 Match Orders Filter search results with invoice company and supplier

P2P 16.8

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-12464 Match Orders Search purchase order data with multiple single values
ALUSTA-10061 Purchase

P2P provides more detailed information back to bCatMan in catalog rejection message

ALUSTA-3384 Invoice Automation View full document history in Edge
ALUSTA-12239 Invoice Automation Row approve validity check
ALUSTA-3413 Invoice Automation Row review support in Edge
ALUSTA-12570 Match Plans Matched lines should not be validated
ALUSTA-10383 Invoice Automation Add row action added to row approval
ALUSTA-9444 Invoice Automation Link to Edge from Workplace
ALUSTA-851 Match Orders Matching service purchase order line when GR-based III=true
ALUSTA-12599 Invoice Automation Row approval recipient fetching using limits
ALUSTA-2773 Purchase Shopping cart item validity check in Edge
ALUSTA-9588 Purchase Search in budget view

P2P 16.7

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-7265 Purchase Enhancements for system responses to user actions in Edge Shop
ALUSTA-7389 Invoice Automation Force recovery support for invoices jammed in transfer/anyerp
ALUSTA-8992 Invoice Automation Recently used values are available in recipient picker for invoices in Edge
ALUSTA-4580 Invoice Automation Return invoice to workflow from Transfer
ALUSTA-9786 Purchase Free-text keywords field length increased to 2 000 characters
ALUSTA-8221 Purchase View my purchase requisition line on the line details view when approving a purchase in Edge
ALUSTA-11422 Invoice Automation User can change recipients within the dimension set for invoice row approval in Edge
ALUSTA-11385 Purchase Budget excess as a warning or an error
ALUSTA-3442 Invoice Automation Approve and Forward action is now supported in Edge

P2P 16.6

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-7006 Purchase Dynamic workflow - Set entry condition in PR process step
ALUSTA-7766 Purchase Dynamic workflow - Row review with anyERP resolver
ALUSTA-3491 Match Plans Schedule-based payment plan approval in Edge
ALUSTA-8555 Purchase Approval history states conditional approval
ALUSTA-10798 Invoice Automation Toggle for enabling/disabling row level duplicate recipient check
ALUSTA-10463 Invoice Automation Enhanced process and comments panel
ALUSTA-10541 Purchase Split rows shown on task list view and on header details in Edge
ALUSTA-6603 Purchase

Manage purchasing categories as system users - Business Configuration user right

ALUSTA-3436 Invoice Automation Editable date fields in coding rows in Edge Invoice
ALUSTA-3517 Match Plans Forward a payment plan task in Edge
ALUSTA-3490 Match Plans Budget-based payment plan approval in Edge
ALUSTA-7811 Purchase Contract list view with basic search
ALUSTA-7396 Invoice Automation Usability enhancements for row approval in Edge
ALUSTA-9479 Match Plans Simple payment plans details view in Edge
ALUSTA-3489 Match Plans Self-billing payment plan approval in Edge
ALUSTA-7739 Purchase Importing contracts into P2P
ALUSTA-621 Purchase Cost split with split-specific approval workflow - line level actions
ALUSTA-3095 Purchase Dynamic workflow - Process selection based on PR data
ALUSTA-9122 Purchase Cost lines as order lines to matching
ALUSTA-3492 Match Plans Review payment plan in Edge
ALUSTA-3503 Match Plans Reject payment plan task in Edge
ALUSTA-3387 Invoice Automation Editable header data in Edge Invoice - phase 1
ALUSTA-9099 Invoice Automation Enhancement for mandatory fields rule
ALUSTA-5411 Purchase View my purchase requisition header data on the details view when approving a purchase in Edge
ALUSTA-8673 Purchase Related documents panel to purchase requisition header details in Edge
ALUSTA-8192 Purchase Add comment to goods receipt task on my tasks view
ALUSTA-3092 Purchase

Supplier code and purchase category code as workflow criteria in Advanced User Rights

ALUSTA-1320 Invoice Automation Invoice history/archive
ALUSTA-9401 Purchase Contract picker for purchase requisition
ALUSTA-11259 Invoice Automation Combine lookup list fields in header data
ALUSTA-8672 Purchase Attachment panel to purchase requisition header details in Edge
ALUSTA-7112 Invoice Automation Invoice row approve limit checking enhancement to enable best spend control
ALUSTA-10190 Invoice Automation Remove invoice functionality for reviewers and approvers
ALUSTA-10064 Match Plans Add comment to a payment plan
ALUSTA-10274 Purchase Budget creation and activation
ALUSTA-7850 Purchase Contract data in a detailed view
ALUSTA-9703 Purchase Budget rule creation and modification
ALUSTA-9251 Purchase PR header level actions to PR details
ALUSTA-8891 Match Plans Payment plan email notifications should redirect users to Edge
ALUSTA-8498 Invoice Automation Edge Invoice supports business rule warnings
ALUSTA-2847 Match Orders Goods receipt items must have gross values to enable gross sum based matching
ALUSTA-11514 Invoice Automation Row approval support for coding rows added by anyERP

P2P 16.5

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-3055 Analytics Procurement supplier performance dashboard
ALUSTA-7927 Purchase Forward my receiving task to another user on header level from the task list view when receiving purchases in Edge
ALUSTA-3478 Invoice Automation Recently used values in Edge invoice coding selection lists
ALUSTA-7019 Purchase Budget rule view
ALUSTA-6692 Invoice Automation Task name is shown for the task in Edge
ALUSTA-3475 Invoice Automation External tax calculation for invoices in Edge
ALUSTA-3065 Analytics Potential discounts
ALUSTA-3446 Invoice Automation Disabling forwarding during the invoice workflow in Edge
ALUSTA-7714 Purchase Return the whole purchase requisition (header level) with comments from the task list view when approving a purchase in Edge
ALUSTA-754 Purchase Free-text forms lookup lists in Edge
ALUSTA-7178 Purchase Forward my header approval task to another user from the task list view when approving purchase in Edge
ALUSTA-9310 Invoice Automation Send invoice back to manual matching when there is approval after matching
ALUSTA-7018 Purchase Budget details view
ALUSTA-760 Purchase Permission code support for Edge Shop
ALUSTA-2881 Invoice Automation Automatic invoice escalation settings
ALUSTA-5357 Invoice Automation In Edge, the approval limit of an invoice is checked when approval has been performed
ALUSTA-2891 Invoice Automation Duplicate invoice check

P2P 16.4

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-6996 Purchase Budget view
ALUSTA-4393 Purchase PO number and supplier in GR task search
ALUSTA-3437 Invoice Automation Add comments in Details page in Edge
ALUSTA-3430 Purchase As a buyer, I want to see additional item info for free-text items in XML order in separate tags
ALUSTA-7173 Purchase Add comment to purchase requisition header on task list view when approving a purchase in Edge
ALUSTA-1957 Match Orders Row approval for invoices matched with an order
ALUSTA-403 Purchase Check shopping cart total and cart item count in Edge Shop
ALUSTA-4829 Purchase Category with future valid date is automatically available in validity period
ALUSTA-4106 Invoice Automation, Purchase Edge look & feel enhancements
ALUSTA-9347 Invoice Automation Editable coding
ALUSTA-7009 Invoice Automation Latest action for invoice, purpose for purchase request and goods receipt

P2P 16.3

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-3048 Purchase Inheriting catalogs to lower level organizations
ALUSTA-7215 Platform Notification to update browser if old IE used
ALUSTA-2811 Invoice Automation, Match Orders, Match Plans Prevent double approval tasks with recipient resolvers
ALUSTA-2843 Invoice Automation Advanced validation support for Edge Invoice
ALUSTA-8344 Purchase Additional fields can be configured in CT as read-only
ALUSTA-2834 Invoice Automation Summarized coding rows
ALUSTA-3032 Invoice Automation View the contents of a selection list
ALUSTA-510 Purchase Free-text requisitioning in Edge Shop
ALUSTA-7130 Purchase URL format change in Edge
ALUSTA-2894 Invoice Automation Organization unit picker
ALUSTA-3049 Purchase GR export
ALUSTA-1272 Purchase Total max. size of external attachments
ALUSTA-8343 Purchase Two additional budget dimensions
ALUSTA-2320 Purchase Approve valid requisition task from task list view in Edge
ALUSTA-8145 Purchase Purchase Professional Tool basic PR, PO and GR list & details views
ALUSTA-951 Purchase Receive all quantities in Edge
ALUSTA-4097 Analytics Analytics capabilities for Procurement
ALUSTA-6348 Purchase Summary email lists max. ten tasks per document and includes informative GR tasks
ALUSTA-3195 Purchase Hiding "Order Now" button and adding "Edit Requisition" button
ALUSTA-814 Purchase Budget check with external validation
ALUSTA-6633 Purchase Supplier and purchasing category determination rules for items from external webshops
ALUSTA-5126 P2P Admin Backup user enhancements
ALUSTA-3375 Invoice Automation Approval password
ALUSTA-4277 Platform Support for SQL Server 2014
ALUSTA-858 Match Orders Best-fit association for header level invoices

P2P 16.2

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-5489 Match Orders Basic validation rule that forces purchase invoices to manual matching
ALUSTA-5063 Invoice Automation Export invoice & payment plan search results to CSV
ALUSTA-753 Purchase Free-text form lookup lists in Workplace
ALUSTA-1244 Invoice Automation Change invoice header data as a batch
ALUSTA-915 Match Plans Update supplier as a batch
ALUSTA-3033 Invoice Automation Image enhancements
ALUSTA-2608 Invoice Automation Support for sealed coding rows setting
ALUSTA-842 Match Plans Match invoices from different suppliers to a single budget-based payment plan
ALUSTA-4002 Purchase Summary email notification to include GR tasks
ALUSTA-2984 Match Orders Self-approve data from PO line to Matching
ALUSTA-3196 Purchase Exporting PR/PO/GR search results to Excel
ALUSTA-833 Purchase Manage cross-reference lists enhancements

P2P 16.1

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-1263 Match Plans Routing invoices to workflow if automatic matching fails
ALUSTA-1015 P2P Admin Advanced user rights - Excel import
ALUSTA-1002 Match Plans Self-billing legal compliance
ALUSTA-1366 Platform Technical requirements - P2P supports only IE11
ALUSTA-1243 Invoice Automation Change organization unit as a batch
ALUSTA-868 Match Plans External validation enhancements
ALUSTA-2607 Match Orders Cancel and resend invoices that are waiting for goods receipts
ALUSTA-1157 Match Orders Associate purchase order line or goods receipt many times with the same invoice
ALUSTA-826 Purchase Import category structure by Excel
ALUSTA-2293 Match Orders Purchase order or purchase order item total is zero (0)

P2P 15.12

ID Module Feature
ALUSTA-1225 Invoice Automation Add coding in Edge
ALUSTA-1241 Invoice Automation Link to “What’s new in this release” blog
ALUSTA-1246 Invoice Automation Remove invoices as a batch
ALUSTA-805 Invoice Automation Select invoice process as a batch
ALUSTA-1226 Invoice Automation Delete coding rows in Edge
ALUSTA-1150 Invoice Automation Invoice exception handling
ALUSTA-631 Purchase Advanced validation API
ALUSTA-1064 P2P Admin User import should import email notification preferences
ALUSTA-655 Purchase Purchase business document (PR/PO/GR) line numbering enhancement
ALUSTA-960 Purchase Purchase needs to manage price unit other than one from punchout
ALUSTA-917 Purchase Manage my own purchase orders
ALUSTA-899 Purchase Multi-category & multi-supplier external webshop
ALUSTA-806 Invoice Automation Validate invoices as a batch
ALUSTA-1149 Invoice Automation Edit coding row in Edge
ALUSTA-1058 Analytics Analytics rationalization with a new concept
ALUSTA-906 Purchase External attachments to supplier as XML order
ALUSTA-606 Purchase Cost split with largest split approval workflow
ALUSTA-1252 Invoice Automation Cancel process as a batch
ALUSTA-1055 P2P Admin User import missing option to set approval password in use

P2P 15.11

ID Module Feature
806098 Purchase As a Purchase user, I want to forward my goods receipt tasks to another user
1320149 Platform ImageViewer SSO authentication
878379 Match Plans As a plan manager, I want that self-billing invoice’s image is localized according to the organization’s language and region
425729 Match Plans As a plan manager, I can select the supplier bank account number for self-billing payment plans to ensure that a specific account is used for the invoice and actual payment
915771 Match Orders As an invoice handler, I need purchase order lines, which contain a bigger goods receipt than ordered, to be updated to the purchase order line
916149 Match Orders As an invoice handler, I need entity rules to be executed also when I force match / request
manual approval an invoice
1294740 Purchase As a Purchase user, I want to see PRs in Search if I have a pending task for it or I have
executed a task for it so that I can find in Search all PRs relevant to me
1324813 Edge As an Edge client user, I want to be guided when to use the Edge client and when to use Workplace client
465376 Invoice Automation As a user, I can manage disputed invoices by sending an email with the invoice image to the invoice supplier
1325599 Invoice Automation Improved search experience
1315112 Match Orders As Matching system, I need to be able to use mixed invoice lines in Automatic Matching
1315093 Match Orders As an invoice handler, I need to be able to use mixed invoice lines in in Manual Matching
633263 Purchase As a recipient, I want to set a backup person for GR tasks so that goods receipts can be recorded during my absence
1324146 Edge As an Edge client user, I want to be able to adjust my UI language according to my region
959455 Purchase As a Purchase user, I want to configure group, company, and purchasing currencies in the header data of PR and PO

P2P 15.10

ID Module Feature
1318056 Platform Image file size limitation
1319473 Invoice Automation As a backup person, I should be able to perform an action on the invoice when it is assigned to me
844313 Invoice Automation As a consultant, I want to be able to define override flags for lookup lists
1310733 Purchase As a buyer, I want to cancel email order and select if email is sent to supplier so that I do not need to manually inform the supplier about cancellation
1319864 Invoice Automation As a user, I expect the difference field to be always calculated in order to prevent invoices ending up in transfer queue with incorrect status
1321441 Purchase As a buyer, I want that I can define several email addresses for a supplier, so that email order is sent to more than one recipients at supplier

P2P 15.9

ID Module Feature
1247595 Invoice Automation As a consultant, I must be able to define email notifications based on parameters (such as invoice type)
346714 Purchase As a supplier, I want to see a purchase-specific reply email address of the buying organization in the body of the email order so that I can easily contact the buyer
1156143 Invoice Automation As a user, (invoice handler/reviewer/approver), I need to be informed by the system when I try to delete a coding row which was generated by matching
1117023 Invoice Automation As an AP clerk, I can cancel and resend a batch of invoices to speed up my work
1320349 Platform Notification about unsupported browsers
743454 Analytics Data row level security on cost center level
411614 Invoice Automation As a user, I can reverse prebooking in the ERP while I remove an invoice so that the prebooking is automatically reversed and I do not have to reverse it manually from the ERP
405285 Purchase As a needer, I want to create a purchase requisition to other than my home organization
1158076 Purchase As an approver, I get an approval task where lines are allocated to me based on purchase-specific advanced user rights, excluding limit check
1285166 Purchase As a buyer, I want to see that the system automatically tries to resolve a tax code if a supplier has changed the tax percentages in order response
349672 Purchase As a Purchase user, I can see supplier’s default delivery term in PR and PO details
633272 Purchase As a needer, I want to self-approve a draft if I have the appropriate user rights and approval limit so that the PR does not require any further approvals
679893 Purchase External attachments to Purchase documents
1158067 Purchase When doing a final approval, an advanced authorization is done on purchase requisition lines based on dimension limits defined in advanced user rights against purchase requisition header total
1314604 Purchase External attachments to supplier embedded to an email order
350053 Purchase As a needer or buyer, I want to add non-standard information during purchase requisition prosessing so that the supplier is aware of this when first receiving my order
1309346 Invoice Automation As an AP clerk, I need to see a voucher number in exported invoices so that I can search for an invoice based on voucher number

P2P 15.8

ID Module Feature
1221082 Match Orders As an invoice handler, I must be able to use higher values for matching than the actual invoice value
1312285 Edge As an Edge user, I want to see why the action cannot be performed
755199 Purchase As a needer or buyer, I can apply the same accounting data to all lines in the same document so that user does not need to type in the same data many times
382472 Purchase As a purchase data administrator, I want to select additional dedicated fields so that additional fields can be defined to free-text forms to create more complete requisition from accounting viewpoint
435950 Configuration Tool As a consultant, I must be able to add/delete resource IDs manually
895743 Invoice Automation As a consultant, I can configure the forward action to require a comment when a reviewer or approver forwards a task to another recipient to have the forward reason logged in the invoice history
1311925 Purchase As a purchase user, I want to navigate from related documents to any other P2P business documents
1310438 Edge As an Edge user, I need to see if a task has failed while action has been performed and the task returns to the task list
409917 Match Orders As an invoice handler, I want the order import to allow additional lines to be created to an existing purchase order after the order has been fully associated

P2P 15.7

ID Module Feature
1071788 Purchase As a buyer, I want to view the changes supplier proposes to the XML order so that I can approve, reject, or request further changes and supplier gets a corresponding order message and knows about my decision
781811 P2P Administration Possibility to select whether or not the selected backup person should inherit the user ríghts
1310159 P2P Administration As an IT specialist, I do not wish to get an error message of missing order matching license if only payment plan matching has been purchased
1309280 Purchase As an approver, I want to set a backup person so that during my absence my approve tasks can be executed by my backup
633351 Purchase As a buyer, I can edit the quantity on the email order and send the updated order to the supplier until the first goods receipt is made
633253 Purchase As a reviewer, I want to set a backup person so that during my absence my review tasks can be executed by my backup

P2P 15.6

ID Module Feature
939709 Support As an AP user, I want to have my invoice related collaborate threads “closed” automatically when the respective invoice is closed
869233 Edge As a casual user, I want to comment an invoice on the Home page
1151199 Purchase As a consultant, I can configure any workflow (Review) process step to be editable and have own mandatoriness
806267 Edge As an Edge user, I need to handle a backup task
1235050 Configuration Tool As a consultant, I want to enable/disable entity configurations (Invoice)
1311699 Purchase As a Purchase user, I can use configurable free-text forms to easily describe my need and order items
470888 Edge As a P2P user, I want the system to recognize my device so that I can log into the Edge client or Workplace client
470785 Edge As an Edge user, I need to forward an invoice on header level if it belongs to someone else and I know to whom it belongs
1268802 Invoice Automation As a user, I can open associated documents from the invoice to see the orders that have been associated to the invoice in matching
401359 Invoice Automation As an AP clerk, I can monitor invoices with cash discounts and speed up their processing to achieve savings
1311713 Platform What’s new in this release
1250185 Edge As an Edge user, I need guidance to get started with the product
1310042 Configuration Tool As a consultant, I need to export and import organization changes when using the change set export and import function
470509 Edge As an Edge user, I want to view invoice process and comments because they usually support the decision making
1281984 Edge As an Edge user, I need to select several recipients on header level
1082471 Edge As an Edge user, I need to see product information, such as copyright and license, version, and login details

P2P 2.4

ID Module Feature
391587 Match Orders As an invoice handler, I want basic validation rules specifically set to be executed in automatic matching only to return a “warning” message to Manual Matching in case the rule fails
1137766 Invoice Automation As an AP clerk, I can transfer a batch of invoices and receive a notification for number of invoices sent to transfer
857479 Edge As a consultant, I must be able to configure screens for Edge
344280 Match Orders As a consultant, I want matching to refresh selected purchase order data online (in real-time) from ERP
804129 Edge As a casual user, I must review an invoice to confirm that it is valid
987775 Match Orders As a financial manager, I want to have different rule parameters for each purchase order type
371400 Purchase As a needer, I want to see the whole purchase instruction at a glance so that I do not need to scroll to see the text
470514 Edge As an Edge user, I need to forward an invoice on header level if it belongs to someone else and I know to whom it belongs
971428 Purchase As a customer, I want to use a customized PO PDF, so that the looks and the contents of the form fullfil the requirements of my business and the local legislation
1166216 Invoice Automation As an AP clerk, I am able to see the time stamp and creation date in the Creation Date column in the professional mode pages in order to quickly identify the actual creation time
973429 Purchase As a purchase user, I can see and edit custom fields on PR and PO tabs, so that more information can be stored to documents
404461 Invoice Automation As a professional user with the correct user rights, I can skip activities to be able to forward the urgent invoices in approval workflow
1101234 Match Orders As an invoice handler, I need automatic matching to always use the line level association with the highest priority
1187048 Invoice Automation As an AP clerk, I can retransfer up to 2000 invoices in one batch
633190 Invoice Automation As a user, I can open associated documents from the invoice to see what plans have been associated to the invoice by matching
875026 Purchase As a purchase user, I want to see the purchase document numbers in a customized format, so that they follow our company rules
772098 Analytics As an AP manager, I want to see median values for process-related metrics
377211 Invoice Automation As an invoice reviewer/approver, I should be able to delete my own coding templates in order to remove old templates
1093674 Purchase As a consultant, I can configure the Draft phase validity, like mandatoriness, separately from the Finalize phase, so the needer must fill in the required data before sending to process
496575 Match Orders As an invoice handler, I want automatic matching to use goods receipt data from the invoice to start the association process
1250093 Purchase As a purchase user, with the “View all requisitions in the organization” user right, I want to see all PRs that have been created in the organization
399873 Invoice Automation As an invoice reviewer/approver, I can link invoices to create relations between invoices
422640 Invoice Automation As an AP clerk, I need the Delivery Note field available on the invoice header in order to use the delivery note numbers in matching
393822 Analytics As a user, I want to use Basware P2P custom fields in my custom reports
727970 Match Orders As an invoice handler, I want matching to retrieve and update purchase orders in realtime based on search criteria set by user
633330 Purchase As a category manager, I want to see the items’ contract reference on PR and PO so I can track my contract-specific spend
771279 Analytics As an AP manager, I want to analyze system bottlenecks
1240359 Invoice Automation As an invoice reviewer/approver, I should be able to review/approve an invoice only once
473231 Match Plans As a user, I can identify recurring invoices so that I can increase the rate of automation by creating new payment plans
632764 Purchase As a consultant, I can configure any Workflow (Approve) process step to be editable and having own mandatoriness
470504 Edge As an Edge user I want to view invoice coding to be sure that amounts and dimensions are OK
967109 Match Orders As an invoice handler, I must be able to find purchase orders based on supplier filter I have selected in advanced search
470564 Edge As an Edge user, I must be able to reject an invoice because something is wrong with the content
1019359 Analytics As a professional user, I want to configure account - category mapping for analytics use under generic data management
1142117 Invoice Automation As a professional user, I should be able to delete my own coding templates in order to remove old templates
1078291 P2P Administration As a consultant, I can configure tax codes to contain Tax1 and Tax2 percentages used for tax calculations
470898 Edge As an Edge user, I want to view invoice header data fields