Basware Vault e-archiving

Online User Interface – Quick User Instructions

Basware Vault online user interface enables access to files archived with Basware Vault e-archiving service (opt-in service). Long-term archived documents can be searched, downloaded and audited via the online user interface. Vault UI is visible at Basware Portal ( for customers using the Vault e-archiving service.

Description of key user functions in the UI:

1. Basware Portal users can navigate to Vault’s user interface from the top navigation column.
2. Users can search archived documents based on various search criteria.
3. Users can add search criteria to the search section from the “add another criterion” bar.
4. Visible search criteria can also be collapsed by clicking the x-sign.
5. Search is performed once user clicks the search button.
6. Search results are shown in a list view with key index criteria visible.
7. User can select one or multiple archived documents to be downloaded.
8. A download in progress sign will appear to the “Downloads” section when download is started. Once download is finished the user can download the package to his computer or share an authenticated link to download the package.