How do I request a user account for Basware Portal?


The purpose of this document is to provide instructions on how to add an user to Portal ONP ( 

Company administrators can create new users on their own.

They can create a new user in the same place in the organizational hierarchy as themselves or on a lower level.

The password is automatically mailed to the new user.



1. All users belong to an organization so the company administrator should open the menu behind the username and goes to My organization.


2. Select the organization and click on it to proceed further.

3. From the organization screen, the user selects More actions.

This can also help you see the registered users and from here you can also Add new user.



4. When you click on the add user option, you will see a new window where the details for the new users can be filled in. The user reviews that everything is filled up correctly and presses the Save button.

The portal automatically generates the password and emails it to the new user.



Point to remember

· The role defines the user’s rights.

· An end user can see and work with the documents that the company has sent or received

· A company administrator can in addition to this also add new users and edit organizational details