Send Re-Scan or Re-Import Request to Basware


To request a document to re-scan you must fill in the form named: BSCS Rescan Request Form (yyyymmdd).xlsx

Fields to be filled can be found from BT-Monitor, Basware Portal or from your Invoice Processing system.  Fields that need to be filled are:

  • 'Filename': Do not input the file-extension .xml. (Example filename: 20141216_2_11111_12345678)
  • BUMID can be also used as the invoice identifier (chat with support via Basware Portal to obtain this information)

 Or alternatively fill in following invoice details:

  •  Supplier name
  •  Invoice No.
  •  Invoice Date
  •  Total

Into 'Rescan reason / comments' you can input free text e.g. "Image is tilted"

Save the file and send it to Basware Support. See contact details Basware ServiceNow contact form.