Basware reporting - FAQ

Basware Reporting - FAQ 

When the service is live, will users access it via Basware Portal?  

No, Basware Reporting has a own login page. There is no linkage between Basware Portal and Basware Reporting.  

Is it possible to rename the CSV and Zip file?  

There is a free text description field when creating the report, the filename will include that free text plus standard filename meta like DateTime generation. 

Is there any possibility to push a run button and see the data at that point?  

No, the reports are being queued so they will generate sequentially based on customer setting, say if it's daily it will generate the next day. 

What is the delimiter used to add multiple email recipients?  

It is a comma. 

Would it be possible to have a test report option available without waiting for a scheduled task? So that you could click "Send test report" to adjust firewall/security settings and to understand the content?  

A list of fields is provided with explanations in the reporting configuration. The test report is not currently available. 

If the size is bigger than 5 MB then an email will contain only the Download button, not the physical zip file as attachment?  

Correct, the download button allows you to download the bigger than 5MB file. Physical zip is not available in the email. 

Is there a duplicate check for reporting?  

No, currently there is no duplicate check. 

Are there restrictions on how many reports can be generated by one user?  

No, currently there are no restrictions.  

What are the use cases to have multiple reports, if the content is always the same?(Other than one for inbound and one for outbound)?  

Multiple reports can be ordered if you want to have e.g. daily, weekly and monthly report separately. 

Why only include delivered invoices?  

Also, undelivered invoices are included. All invoices in final status are included in the reports. 

Will this demonstrate the variances between SmartPDF?  

Yes, we have 3 different document sources for SmartPDF:  

SmartPDF – AI: Processed by machine learning 

SmartPDF – template: Processed by mapping template 

SmartPDF – OCR: Processed by scan & capture partner Xerox 

Are all transactions included in the report (B1, Gateway, etc.)?  


How a user who is copied in the report can unsubscribe without contacting Basware Support?  

The user should contact your admin user(s) who manages the reports. 

Can we remove/add columns from the report or will it be fully standard?  

The report is fully standard. We are working on an enhancement that will allow field customization. 

What kind of data is provided per invoice in the report?  

The updated content of reports is available in the Basware Reporting service description. See below this FAQ for content type.

How does the inbound invoices report work for PDF e-Invoice for Receiving, if rejected documents are not linked in Portal to any receiving organization?  

When a document is rejected, the owner of that document is not known since it needs to be tagged with the recipient service subscription. These transactions will not be available in the rejection report. 

Is there any option to select language while creating user (region language)?  

Yes, language will be selected when creating access to a user. 

How about time zones for this use case where processing centers are in US and India?Can each user  have a different time zone or can one user create different time zone reports? 

Yes, the admin user can set different reports for different time zones. 

Is there a possibility to set the same 1 single report for 1 user to get on a daily basis and at the same time 1 monthly report to some other users? Or shall we create separate ones always based on frequency needs? 

A separate report is required to be created. 


Content type


Sub category







Electronic invoice, sub-category unknown 






E-invoice (Interop)



E-invoice (PEPPOL)



E-invoice (EDI)



Basware Portal for Suppliers


Basware Portal for Suppliers - Invoice key-in


Basware Portal for Suppliers - PO flip



PDF invoice, sent by email 


PDF e-Invoice, sent by email 



PDF invoice, sent through Basware SmartPDF



SmartPDF - AI



SmartPDF -template



SmartPDF - OCR



Scan and Capture 



Scan and Capture - email



Scan and Capture - paper


Paper selfscan

Scan and Capture - self-scanned



Scanned by Basware CloudScan


Self Validation

CloudScan with self-validation


Basware Validation

CloudScan with Basware-validation



Others - Including 3rd party and P2P Connector


3rd party Electronic

3rd party electronic


3rd party OCR

3rd party OCR

Alusta invoices


Basware P2P


Manually created by user in P2P


Basware P2P - self-billing


Basware P2P - chargeback


Basware P2P - migration

External invoices


External invoices