The Data Capture Guide (DCG) for Scan & Capture and SmartPDF services

The Data Capture Guide


The invoice needs a data file (XML) to get invoices to the invoice processing system. There are two types of invoices when creating the XML data file; constructive and nonconstructive invoices. The nonconstructive means typically either paper or PDF invoices. In the PDF file there are image-based and machine-readable PDF files. The paper invoice, which is scanned, becomes an image-based PDF file. The constructive data means e-invoice, sent directly from the supplier's invoice system (typically an ERP) towards the buyer's invoice processing system.

Basware offers services to route nonconstructive invoices to the invoice processing system. The primary services are traditional scanning services known at Basware as Scan & Capture and modern SmartPDF. The Scan & Capture is used when the buyer has regions where paper invoicing is still mandatory. If the suppliers already use email to deliver invoices, the best option is SmartPDF.

For each data capture project, there needs to be an implementation guide that is created together with Basware and the customer during the project. The guide consists of companies that are part of the data capture project, master data file configuration, a business document classification, the fields to be captured, and the rules of how and when the value is taken from the invoice and the keywords. Additionally, the guide shows a mapping table between captured fields and the corresponding data file field path.

The guide is a living document, and there is two month period after the data capture project has a go-live date. The purpose of the two months is to ensure that when the entire supplier base has started invoicing via the data capture service, the field rules, and capturing accuracy are fine-tuned. It's important to give feedback on the delivered invoices to ensure that the back end systems are calibrated. After two months, the service will continue to be evaluated based on user feedback checking the invoices in the invoice processing system.

Data Capture Guide sections

Document history
Executive summary
Project summary and contacts
Unit matrix
Fields and capturing rules
Mapping table

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