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Sending files to us:


If you would like to send your documents via e-Mail (Premium PDF), please note the following steps:

  1. You have to tell us all of your own e-Mail-addresses you would like to send documents from.
    2. Send your e-Mails to:
    3. Please do only send 1 document per e-Mail.
    4. Your documents have to be in PDF-format.
    5. The file name of your documents do not matter, our server renames all income data automatically.
    6. Maximum e-Mail size is 24MB.
    7. You can send additional attachments to your document when you are following these rules:
         a) Your attachments have to be in the same e-Mail as the document.
         b) Without a document you cannot send an attachment.
         c) The attachments must also be in PDF-format.
         d) You can send multiple attachments together with your document.
         e) The filename of your attachments must include the word "Attachment" or "Anlage" (it is not case-sensitive).
    Example 1


Receiving files from us: