S&C documents expected delivery time.

Basware Scan & Capture BSCS email services are open 24/7. The human validation team processes documents every business day, 24/5. The 24/5 model means validation happens on two to three shifts every business day, excluding local public holidays.

The scanned invoice's delivery time is around 24-48 hours (max 72 hours in rare cases).

A good guideline is that there needs to be one business day between received (at Basware) and delivered (at recipient).

For example:
If the sender sends the invoice via email as a PDF file to email scanning (@bscs.basware.com) or via cloudscan (Basware Validation) during the weekend, the validation starts whenever the first shift arrives at work on Monday morning. If the document is received late Friday, the expected delivery is Tuesday.

If the document is not delivered within 72 hours then please get in touch with Basware customer support.